On today’s Dash Talk episode Amanda b. Johnson speaks with Rodrigo Ambrissi from Dash Brasil about why the task rewards platform Zaigar.com decided to switch from using it’s own native ERC-20 Token ZAI to using Dash as a payment method due to high transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

Zaigar.com is a marketing task and reward platform around blockchain technology, digital currencies, and tokens.

In May, Zaigar issued 5,000+ Dash transactions saving the company over $1,100 USD in network fees.


Source: https://twitter.com/DashDinheiro/status/1272632866049048582

In June, Zaigar issued 10,000+ Dash transactions saving the company over $2,000 USD in network fees.


Source: https://twitter.com/DashDinheiro/status/1283047674858606595

Question Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:04 What is Zaigar?
02:24 How many users does Zaigar have?
02:55 How is Rodrigo involved with Zaigar?
04:40 Why did Zaigar switch from using Ethereum ERC-20 token to using Dash for payments?
05:35 How much has Zaigar saved in fees by using Dash instead of ERC-20 Token?
06:48 How long has the Zaigar platform been around for?
06:56 Have fees for Ethereum ERC-20 tokens always been this high or is this a recent problem?
07:39 When do Zaigar plan to move platform 100% to Dash?
09:06 What is Dash adoption like in Brazil?
10:31 How are you helping the community in Brazil with full or shared masternode rewards?

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