Panda Group’s payment processor, Xpay, has added support to Dash, facilitating payments with crypto in the Latin American market.

Xpay is a payment processor that allows cryptocurrencies to be used for daily purchases, facilitating the use by consumers and providing support and protection against rate fluctuations from the merchant side, all aimed primarily to Colombian and Venezuelan customers, since It works with both national currencies (COP and VES), as told by Arley Lozano, CEO and founder of Panda Group, the company behind Xpay:

“There are many crypto payment processors in Latin America, but regards to Colombia and Venezuela there were only attempts of semi-automatic processors with calls to call centers, so we are the pioneers in Colombia and we have a 100% effective and functional solution.”

The processor works in the Latin American market providing the capability of accept payments with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and DAI, without the merchant having to get worried about the volatility of the crypto market, however, merchants can use the dashboard to choose between keep the cryptos received, exchange them to fiat or partially exchange them.

“We also promote adoption because if you are an expert user, you can choose between keep 100% in crypto with our system.”

The latest integration thanks to the Panda Group partnership

The Panda Group relationship with Dash comes from some time ago and has been one of the reasons because they decided to include it in one of their multiple products. They added Dash previously to Panda Exchange (where they already have another 113 cryptos and tokens), which increases liquidity for Dash:

“We added Dash to Panda Exchange due since 2015 I took the lead of the Dash community in Colombia. We were the creators of Dash Café and more activities, being the true pioneers […]. Almost a year ago and in response to the Dash community, and thanks to Ernesto Contreras from Dash Core Group, who supported us with a small contest, we decided to list Dash, because we see the potential in the use of Dash in Colombia and Venezuela.”

Another of the products where Dash was added is PandaBTM, a device that now, thanks to this new integration, allows to buy and sell Dash from 50.000 Colombian pesos (about 15.5 USD), there are already several units in operation and many trades have been performed since the time of its launch with 4 Dash in Cúcuta.

Continued growth in the strength of Dash’s Latin America ecosystem of integrations

The importance of these integrations and the growth of services rely on the fact that they enhance and promote the use of Dash, and also provide an entry and exit ramp between crypto and fiat. In line with this, the Cobru mobile payment application, which added support for cryptocurrencies thanks to a previous integration with Xpay, also added Dash to the list of supported cryptos, creating a new way to acquire and exchange Dash in the Latin American market.

Dash has been able to position itself in the payments space in Latin America thanks to the constant efforts of the Dash community, which has a strong presence in Colombia and Venezuela, and also thanks to industry players, including more regional exchanges and partnerships between services such as Dash Text and Bitnovo. With the new version of InstantSend, a technical development that allows transactions to be confirmed instantly, the adoption and use of Dash take up the original purpose of cryptocurrencies: Being digital, decentralized and daily usage money.