Wirex has begun to integrate Dash, expanding the available Dash debit card options

The card provider and exchange service announced on Monday an upcoming integration of Dash into their platform. According to Wirex, Dash is a major factor is the cryptocurrency payments space:

“$54 million worth of Dash are exchanged, traded or otherwise transacted on a daily basis. With close to $2.5 Billion held within the Dash system.

They’re a serious player in the digital cash market, with a dedicated and inspiring team out to change the world for the better through viable blockchain personal finance solutions.”

Wirex was a presenter at the recent Dash conference in London, and mentioned all the aspects of Dash that impressed them, strongly hinting at a future partnership.

Dash integration work underway for the Wirex wallet, contactless cards soon

As of the announcement, Dash integration into Wirex has begun. While no official date has been given for the integration’s completion, both Wirex and the Dash Core team have begun working on the integration within the service’s wallet:

“We are very excited to be working with Dash on an important partnership for both companies.

Both teams have kick-started work on full integration of the Dash wallet inside the Wirex application.

It will take some time to complete the development so we won’t be making any promises on exact launch date just yet.”

In addition to integrating Dash, Wirex will be reissuing cards, adding a new contactless payment feature, allowing a card to be simply held in proximity with the terminal to be instantly scanned:

“The new cards will work in a similar way to previous generation cards, with instant exchange from bitcoin or dozens of other cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies like Dollars and Pounds. Funds are immediately available on your Wirex payment card balance and spendable anywhere Visa is accepted.

If Visa payWave contactless payments are accepted, simply hold your new Wirex card over the card reader and the transaction will be instant without requiring pin-code.”

Dash’s card options rebounding after the WaveCrest shakeout

Available debit card options for Dash are improving after taking a hit last month. WaveCrest, a card issuer for many of the Dash-enabled debit cards, recently limited their offerings to Europe, causing many services to abruptly become unavailable outside of Europe, including Wirex, ShakePay, Uquid, TenX, and others. TenX will be reissuing cards for later this year, and Wirex confirmed that contactless cards will be available outside of Europe, with a potential expansion to the US next year:

“The new Wirex contactless payment card will be available both inside and outside of the EU. In fact, we’re looking to open our services to the US market next year too.”