The Dash Open House took place on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 at Arizona State University’s SkySong Innovation Center, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Speakers included DASH: Detailed host and writer Amanda B. Johnson (01:10), Dash Director of Finance Ryan Taylor (12:52), and Dash Founder and Lead Developer Evan Duffield (34:40) and was followed by Q&A (41:07).

DASH School video series:
Dash InstantSend:
Privacy in Dash, aka PrivateSend:
Dash’s governance model:

Glass Hunt — Bitcoin double-spend tool: &
Money-As-A-Service tweet:
Dash governance model:
DASH: Detailed playlist:
Ryan Taylor interview from early 2017:
Submit a proposal to the Dash treasury:
Dash Jobs:

Dash’s product — Evolution — that will appeal to a larger audience:
Ryan Taylor expounds on security:

Cash Alternative TV:

Dash Nation Slack:
Dash Foundation:
Dash Evolution:
Instamine information:
Dash social forums:


Main camera recorded by Jeff Smith aka @coingun

Secondary camera recorded by @PeteEyre

Back up camera by Danny of @TheCryptoShow
Outro bumper from Alex-ru: