Reddit user malarchuck, posited a video to the DashPay subreddit the other day that shows WeAreChange interviewing Danny Sessom of The Crypto Show about his involvement with DashCares. The video by WeAreChange currently has around 10,000 views and their YouTube channel has over 500 thousand subscribers. WeAreChange also currently has a 50 Dash funded proposal to aid in their independent news coverage.

The interview originally took place a few weeks ago at the Miami Bitcoin Conference and focused on how Danny and DashCares are using cryptocurrencies to “change the charity” dynamic. Danny mentioned in the video how The Crypto Show’s Dash Sponsorship allows them to “do good things” and “do something positive”, as opposed to just talk. Danny gave a brief overview of how the Dash treasury system works and how it has allowed him to build homes for the homeless, go to hurricane disaster areas to hand out care packages, work on remittances, build community centers, and other charitable acts.

DashCares is helping people right now

Dash Force News reached out to Danny Sessom to get more information on his DashCares‘ projects. Danny told Dash Force News how DashCares took off initially as a use for leftover Dash funds from his feeding the homeless campaign towards helping the survivors of the hurricane that hit Southern Texas late last year. They handed out care packages and joined the community rescue force of individual boat owners to pull people out of the water with their own labeled boat and were able to pull 31 people out of the water. Danny mentioned how many onlookers thought they were crazy heading into the storm, but were later able to hand out 3,100 care packages across 12 cities in hurricane areas.

For Danny and DashCares, transitioning to earthquake relief in Mexico was a nuatural direction. Danny and DashCares are helping rebuild homes in numerous areas throughout Mexico through their funding, hard work, Danny’s knowledge of construction, and the help of local workers who are well versed in the local techniques. Danny has concentrated a lot of his current work in Metepec, Puebla, where he is able to tour the city and collaborate aid with the city president. He emphasized the value that community involvement is generating for Dash.

“In six months, Mexico will make a decision on which cryptocurrencies will be allowed on various exchanges; called the white-list.” Danny believes that Dash’s involvement in the local community will “help get Dash on the white-list.”

Danny’s work is aiding the domination of Dash in the area.  To demonstrate, Danny told Dash Force News how Faircoin and SmartCash had a significant paid presence at a local conference, Talent Land, but Dash only a table and an Dash ATM, yet was still able to garner much more visible interests. Danny emphasized the importance of a Dash presence in Mexico and other Central and Latin American countries since Dash has the power to solve many of their problems.

“People need to start paying more attention to Mexico and Latin America. Mexicans don’t have bank accounts not because they can’t get them, but that they don’t trust them since many times banks would just disappear with the people’s money.”

Danny is also currently working on setting up a reliable remittances network that avoids the large fees that are typically charged and may even increase further due to the immigration policies of US President Trump. Danny went on to say that he will be constantly moving back and forth between Mexico and the United State for the next few months to take his mobile Dash ATM to conferences such as Libertopia, Voice and Exit, and Porcfest (which Dash is sponsoring). Danny is also planning some revamps for The Crypto Show in order to reach an even larger audience in the future.

Dash is committed to helping people in many ways

Danny and DashCares is a shinning example of the Dash community’s desire and ability to help those in need, but it is not the only example. Dash has been helping kids throughout Africa through sports with sponsorship of The Dash Leopards. Dash funded a couple US students to attend the London Dash conference. In addition, anyone is free to submit a proposal to the Dash treasury to fund a charitable project that the community deems will further the goals of Dash. This is on top of the many Dash teams around the world helping citizens use Dash to escape their horrible national currency inflation due to government negligence.

Dash is a cryptocurrency that has been able to create a unique structure and community that allows it to develop and evolve stably, but also adapt to the many wishes of its consumers including their altruistic ambitions to make the world a better place.