Voyager, “a crypto asset broker” that is available in the app store, has recently integrated Dash, which will expand options for their users and add pressure to other exchanges to also provide Dash trading options.

[tweet align=’left’] The Voyager integration will enable trading of Dash against the USD, as well as commission free. In the announcement, Voyager discusses the many physical and online locations that accept Dash as payments due to its lightning fast speeds and super low transaction costs.

Voyager currently offers retail and institutional trading, but is planning to enhance its institutional trading features with a partnership with Sterling Trading Tech. Voyager also recently announced a partnership with Ledger, the hardware wallet company, to launch a custodial service.

Increasing competition benefits consumers

Voyager mentioned that they are “attempting to build a comprehensive liquidity network spanning multiple global exchanges”, which will provide more exchange options for consumers. This will help keep pressure on other exchanges that are providing cryptocurrency trading options, but a more restricted lineup of cryptocurrencies. For example, the owner of the popular search engine, Yahoo!, is launching their own cryptocurrency exchange, but it will only service BTC and ETH at first with margin trading for LTC, XRP, and BCH. Further, Coinbase, has long avoided the integration of certain coins, allegedly claiming to follow its Digital Asset Framework process.

The increased competition provides better choices and prices for consumers since there are now even more ways to acquire and use cryptocurrencies, as well as discover new coins and projects. The competition also helps ensure that each exchange features coins and direct pairings that consumers desire to avoid losing users that do not want to hassle with having to move between multiple intermediary coins and exchanges just to get from fiat or Bitcoin to their desired end coin.

Dash helps increase its own awareness

The Dash network recognizes the importance of being integrated into as many exchanges as possible to make consumer adoption and spending as seamless as possible. Thus, Dash community members have continuously worked hard to get Dash onto different exchanges around the world. Some exchanges, such as eToroX, have even launched support for Dash with direct fiat and/or stablecoin pairs that help increase the liquidity of the overall Dash network. Other exchanges like 3xbit, SouthXchange, and Jinance have integrated Dash with InstantSend support, which is now automatic, but the exchange integrations will enable consumers to trade even faster since the exchange interface will recognize Dash’s speed on their end. The Dash community has partly been able to achieve such wide exchange integrations thanks to its decentralized treasury being able to fund dedicated community members to work on exchange networking and integrations.