Rockshield Capital indicated it had invested in several blockchain companies, including one holding Dash masternodes.

In a recent press release, the Vancouver-based venture capital fund outlined a few of the blockchain-based startups and funds in which it was invested. First on the list was Neptune Dash, an investment company centered around building and operating Dash masternodes. According to the release, the company leverages a dual appreciation model through both the increasing valuation of Dash and masternode rewards:

“Neptune Dash Nodes Corp. will be the first listed company to own and operate Dash Masternodes. Dash is a digital currency that was built on the Bitcoin code base, but improves on Bitcoin by enabling instant and private payments and offering transactions that take seconds rather than minutes to clear. The company exclusively invests in the Dash digital currency eco-system by building and operating Dash Masternodes, offering a dual revenue model by receiving variable yield from owning and operating Dash Masternodes, while getting exposure to Dash currency appreciation as well.”

A company invested in the ecosystem and committed to the roadmap

The stated goal of Neptune Dash Nodes Corp. is to build and operate masternodes in order to both increase investor returns and build out the Dash ecosystem:

“Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital currency through early support and investment in Dash technologies and infrastructure, and we believe we will become the global public markets leader in Dash.”

Notably, Neptune Dash displays a clear understanding of Dash’s unique value prospect, including its effectiveness as the payments system of the future, its governance system, and its long-term viability and ability to scale. The company is interested in becoming a long-term partner in the Dash ecosystem and demonstrates a level of trust that it will be a power player in the cryptocurrency world of the future:

“Neptune Dash is committed to accelerating the mass adoption of digital currency through the continual investment in Dash infrastructure and the support of the Dash ecosystem.”

Serious investment is taking a long look at Dash

Increasingly, traditional investment firms are taking notice of Dash and its potential for the future. In November, the Palm Beach Research Group released an extensive report on Dash and its prospects and potential to revolutionize the payments space by targeting the legal cannabis industry through the Alt Thirty Six payment processor integration. Following this report, Dash’s price spiked significantly, crossing the $500 barrier. As more major investment players begin to take notice of Dash, this record of ever-increasing valuation can be expected to continue.