VegaWallet, the comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet and merchant solution has integrated Dash via BitGo.

[tweet align=’right’] The press release highlights that Vegawallet will be “the first wallet to use BitGo’s multi-signature Dash implementation with InstantSend transactions, and in the future it will be developing real world applications for Dash’s Evolution hard fork”. The integration provides a lot of opportunity for both parties due to the increased attention that both will see from the integration, as Bradley Zastrow, Global Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group explained.

“VegaWallet’s ability to provide Dash users with with a secure wallet and payment solution plays a strong role in the value proposition. VegaWallet’s goal of creating a payments solution for the legal cannabis industry aligns with Dash’s goals to support underbanked businesses, making them a key partner for us going forward. Our primary focus is making daily commerce easy with Dash, and VegaWallet’s current and future products will add immense value to the Dash ecosystem. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with VegaWallet, as we continue to progress towards the launch of Evolution.”

Dash will be added to both the mobile and desktop wallets and will feature a full suite of tools for merchants, such as “inventory management system, business metrics, employee information panel, and other features, such as a cryptocurrency rewards and loyalty program powered by Dash and the VegaWallet Token”. VegaWallet also offers a merchant POS solution that also supports a credit card reader to support multi-payment options. VegaWallet also focuses on streamlined interfaces for seamless use by cryptocurrency beginners, in addition to “market trend data, full transaction history, and other popular user requests”.

Incentivizing Dash integrations

The VegaWallet integration will help bring Dash to more consumers and merchants by making it easily accessible through a seamless interface, as Tarek Hajri, CEO of VegaWallet, highlighted.

“VegaWallet’s partnership with Dash provides a unique atmosphere for improvement concerning real world applications in the blockchain based payments space. We believe customers will be excited for these future applications regarding the shared interests on our roadmap.”

This integration was made possible by Dash building out its infrastructure and a previous integration with BitGo last year. BitGo is an industry leader in institutional-grade cryptocurrency security and multi-signature wallets, which was touted as a way to make exchange and wallet integrations easier since many utilize BitGo for their platforms and thus only want to stick with coins supported by BitGo. However, the integration did not yield immediately clear adoption results, but now those results are starting to become more clear.

Additionally, another exciting development is that VegaWallet and Dash are holding a design contest for a new Dash themed wallet for VegaWallet. The winner will be selected by representatives from both VegaWallet and Dash and will be a permanent theme option in the VegaWallet Dash Wallet. VegaWallet also hopes to soon introduce an exchange that can easily be accessed via their mobile or desktop app to further incentivize user adoption.

Driving Dash adoption through multiple uses

Dash has focused a significant portion of its resources towards achieving merchant integrations, now almost 5,000 merchants around the world, and various ways to spend cryptocurrency. Merchants want simple solutions for their businesses, and thus, they need all-inclusive point-of-sales equipment, which is why devices like Salamantex, AnyPay, Spark with Uphold, and now VegaWallet provide these solution in one location. While the Dash community has worked diligently on their own solutions for merchants, the BitGo integration helped make VegaWellet possible to provide the market with more options. Consumers will now also have access to yet another wallet with additional features to make spending Dash easier and more fun. Thanks to the Dash treasury, which helped fund many of these ventures, merchants and consumers now have a plethora of choices when it comes to accepting or spending Dash, which will further help drive adoption.