According to Discover Dash the current worldwide Dash ATM network is composed of 89 known ATM machines.  We know that there are a lot more machines that vend Dash but have yet to identify them.  You can easily add one if you know of some not on the list.

I am pretty sure we have no way to determine the actual volumes going through the Dash enabled ATMs that are currently in use.  It seems to me that making it easy to buy Dash in person at a physical location is a very good thing especially when there are places that accept Dash as payment nearby.

The current batch of proposals being funded this week seem to have a strong chance of success. This will bring new users and increased transaction volumes to the Dash network. I can’t calculate a ROI for each ATM but they facilitate Dash’s “prime directive” – grow the network.

Current ATM related Proposals

Looking through the list of Dash treasury proposal that were just approved I see three with ATM in their titles another that will help General Bytes add Dash to all of their ATM network and at least one other that will be adding machines to the Dash ATM network.

General Bytes: Making Dash a First Class Citizen
Owner: greencandle – 3 Monthly payments of 60 DASH
Votes: 779 Yes / 2 No / 7 Abstain

This proposal will provide escrowed payments based on performance directly to the manufacturer of ATMs and just as exciting a POS system.

Proposal:​ ​36​ ​+​ ​Dash​ ​ATM​ ​&​ ​Sponsorships
Owner: ThirtySix – 1974 DASH
Votes: 836 Yes / 34 No / 7 Abstain

Our solution is to host the largest network of Dash ATMs specifically for making the purchase of Dash as simple as possible. Every decision made regarding the ATMs will be metric driven and we will have ATM managers that monitor/evaluate the performance of each ATM, conduct market research for possible future ATM locations, and manage the throughput of each ATM to ensure the necessary liquidity is always available.

There is much more detail in the proposal but the bottom line is they will deploy the ATMs as they push Dash use in the legal cannabis marketplace.

The Crypto Show Sponsorship Renewal / Dash Cares / Remittance ATM Plan
Owner: Danny_Somthin – 6 Monthly payments of 90 DASH
Votes: 631 Yes / 88 No / 58 Abstain

The Crypto Show is in the process of establishing a pair of Dash branded ATMs for the central Texas area. One is to be placed in San Antonio and the other in Austin. Hopefully, we will be adding more as we take on a business partner. With Danny and his Dash volunteers shifting their work toward the interior of Mexico, the show’s crew would like to create a remittance model that could be duplicated elsewhere.

Danny from the Crypto Show has shown that he can get ATMs setup in the past so I am confident he will make this happen.

Dash Integration @ „The House of Nakamoto“ in Vienna (incl. ATM)
Owner: essra – 3 Monthly payments of 38 DASH
Votes: 986 Yes / 41 No / 42 Abstain

This will add a Dash branded ATM into a “Bitcoin” store. The project plan shows that the ATM setup is in progress.

DASH Kuva Project – Launching Dash in Zimbabwe
Owner: kuvateam – 3 Monthly payments of 565 DASH
Votes: 890 Yes / 345 No / 43 Abstain

This is a very large project to facilitate Dash in Zimbabwe the project plan shows ATM use to go from fiat to Dash.

ATM Legal Compliance

Dash previously funded phase 1 of what was to be a multi-phase project geared to develop a “turnkey” framework for ATM owners to setup networks to work with Dash.  It never went beyond phase 1 but did deliver this work from the Cogent Law Firm which includes:

A finCEN BSA compliant written Principal MSB/KYC AML Program designed to prevent the Principal MSB from being used to facilitate money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities

A comprehensive risk based assessment by a third party compliance consultant expert

Dash ATM Master Compliance Program – Phase I
Owner: babygiraffe –  749 DASH (added on 2016-08-21)
Votes: 1095 Yes / 280 No / 0 Abstain

Previous ATM Proposals

Three other proposals were previously funded specific to ATMs it is sad that none of them have produced a public use ATM to date.

A DASH Branded ATM Systems South Jersey USA
Owner: PhilaDASHia – 75 DASH (added on 2017-03-20)
Votes: 857 Yes / 183 No / 7 Abstain

A Dash Brand ATM in downtown Lyon
Owner: thesavoyard – 70 DASH  (added on 2017-03-19)
Votes: 869 Yes / 302 No / 38 Abstain

DASH-Lamassu ATM Integration
Owner: eduffield – 12 Monthly payments of 610 DASH
Payment start/end: 2016-01-07 / 2017-01-19
Votes: 1472 Yes / 481 No / 0 Abstain


The masternode network funded a large effort to get into ATM’s with the Lamassu proposal which didn’t work out to expectations (read more here).  Additionally the struggles of the owners of the ATM proposals for Lyon France and South Jersey to find suitable locations and get through the legal / compliance issues would bring one to expect it to be very hard for another ATM related proposal to get widespread support.

The new crop of ATM proposals being funded this month look much more promising.  ATM’s are a first line method to turn local currency into Dash. For those that are “unbanked” it is either trade with someone or use an ATM.  I choose to be optimistic about these new proposals and wish them all good luck.