Since Dash is Digital Cash I was looking for where I could spend Dash for holiday shopping.  My first stop was DiscoverDash if you have never visited there you should check it out.  I skipped the map and clicked on the category listing for Apparel to see what I could find.

scroll down past the map to see these listings

There are currently 28 listings so I looked at the ones in the US where I live.  I didn’t find any in Florida but there was one in Savannah GA which is just a few hours from where I live (and a great place to visit).

custom designed and alterations

Kleo’s Sewing Studio has some nice designs but nothing to just buy for a gift.

Looking further I found CryptoJeweler. You can’t go wrong buying some “bling” and their website lets you set the pricing directly to Dash …. very cool. Nice chain for 7.8 Dash.

For anyone in the Portsmouth NH area you are very lucky. You can walk from store to store that accept Dash like Sol Sunwear thanks to the crypto anarchists at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe.

For some very nice looking custom made hemp / cotton fabric clothing you should check out

From there I moved to tee shirts where I found an “interesting” assortment as you would expect from crypto accepting stores.

Bitcoin Galaxy had this one.  My Bitcoin is cleaner than your dirty gov’t money.


The Psychonaut Shop has some “trippy” shirts for sale.


We have to add in the Top Shelf Toker for those of your friends that might like that sort of thing. My motto is if you are going to do drugs (like coffee or booze) do the best.


Dash has a very long way to go before we can say that it is a factor in the retail marketplace. But for it to grow we all should support those pioneering businesses that accept Dash today.  Maybe the 99% of us can’t be like  and live 100% on Dash but could you do 1% or 5% or even 10% of your spending in Dash?  If you want Dash to really be “Digital Cash” you have to spend some (you can buy more) and the best way to spend it is in retail transactions.