Travala, a travel booking site that supports 20 different types of cryptocurrency including Dash, has now partnered with the popular travel booking service, expanding access to millions of additional travel listings.

The integration meshes together Travala’s 2 million plus accommodation listings around the world with’s 28 million reported accommodation listings available across 230 countries and 90,000 destinations worldwide. In a comparison of popularity, Alexa website rankings places #70 in global internet traffic compared to’s ranking of #169,015 showing the drastic upgrade in status that comes with being recognized by such a popular and mainstream travel site.

Travala also remains competitive by offering competitive low prices, “Best Price Guarantee“, and exclusive discounts and loyalty rewards via its tokenized incentives powered by its native utility token AVA. Additionally, this past summer, Travala also became the official Travel partner of Dash Core Group and offered 5% off travel purchases made with Dash.

Dash’s growing list of travel partners and solutions

Dash has attracted multiple travel partners within the space, including Travala as the official travel partner of Dash Core Group and offering 5% Dash-back. Some other travel partners that have integrated Dash over the years include as one of the first, and then others includingDestinia, Xceltrip, Travelbybit, and Alternative Airlines. Dash specifically offers the advantage of enabling these purchases to be made cheaply and quickly to save travelers money, but also offers enhanced privacy features via PrivateSend for users that wish to keep their travel plans and personal information confidential.

Benefits of using cryptocurrency for travel purchases

In addition to services such as Travala, cryptocurrency has seen a gradual increasing acceptance among travel services as companies realize that many domestic and international travelers prefer the simplicity of paying with cryptocurrency. One of the more obvious benefits of using cryptocurrency for travel is that there is no need to have to deal with currency exchanges, as long as users can find merchants that accept cryptocurrency at their destination. Using cryptocurrency during travels also protects user’s privacy that is always at risk, but heightened when passing through multiple international companies as seen with the Marriott Hotel data breach and British Airways hack.

For areas that do not have merchants that accept directly accept cryptocurrency in-person or online prior to arrival for products/services, there is a wide network of ATMs that enable users to quickly and cheaply cash out of cryptocurrency into the local currency. According to Coin ATM Radar, there are over 860 Dash ATM and Tellers across the US and Canada, 50 across Central and South America, 450 across Europe, and 19 across Southeast Asia and Oceania which all provide a lot of options for travelers. As a further illustration of the adopting of cryptocurrency in the travel sector, the Brisbane International Airport in Australia made news by reportedly becoming the first airport to have every merchant accept cryptocurrency last summer.