**This article was translated from our sister site DashNewsEspanol.com**

Talent Land is an annual event celebrated in Mexico and defined as “the largest innovation and entrepreneurship event ever held for the entire talent community, that interacts over the year to share knowledge and to strengthen its development”. This year the event was held in Guadalajara, from April 2nd to April 6th with 33,018 attendees who had access to the six “lands” or thematic areas. However, due to growing interest in blockchain technology, this year they added the space dubbed “CryptoLand”.

“All about Dash” (Todo sobre Dash) project is a previously approved proposal, whose goal is to create audio/visual content explaining all of the features of Dash and its ecosystem, as well as providing useful tutorials about how to buy Dash and how to select the right wallet, all is managed in a friendly and educative way to the new users.

The “All about Dash” team decided to attend Talent Land event as it was a golden opportunity to spread Dash knowledge.

“Our goal is to give the Latin-American community in a clear, concise and easy way to digest information through all media, as many as they are possible. Our first goal was Facebook and social networks, however, due to the fact that “All About Dash” team belongs to a community of crypto-enthusiasts, we constantly receive invitations to participate in conferences and related events. Thus, we realized these new opportunities for DASH to be present in relevant forums where we can promote the currency, its use and technology using the videos that we produce as support material. It is with this line of thought that everything began to be put in its place.

A friend in common, who is a member of the community that invited us to participate in Talent Land as assistants and that is how we decided to take a step forward pursuing that goal that join us and seek to take advantage of the forum, to promote our project and Dash in general”.

The participation of the “All about DASH” team was centered around a booth where they promoted Dash and its features, placing advertising material, souvenirs, and helping with the installation of wallets and doing a giveaway among attendees. Also, Dash had the opportunity to share one of the talks in the event where the Dash DAO was the main subject.

“The most interesting thing was that due to all the material we brought and the size of our team, nobody noticed that it was not an official stand and we even had more traffic than other official sponsors. This was possible thanks to our team and other members of our community, as well as the support of Dash Global, Dash Force and Fernando from Dash Core”.

Mexico is one of the countries that has been recently turning its sights to cryptocurrencies. Recently, Mexico has included cryptocurrency into Fintech law, although, the community is waiting for more operative instructions for application, which has many people thinking about the future. Attendees wanted to understand all the possibilities that Dash can provide them.

“Curiosity was emerging step by step with every new detail we spoke about Dash, the people started to be interested in more information and details about how to use Dash without legal issues, also about how to submit any proposal to the Dash DAO. Here, we realized that provide updated information about the new Fintech law is another big opportunity to “All about Dash” with its Mexican audience.”

The meaningful efforts of a committed community like the one of Dash are really noticed at events like this, the team describes the goals they accomplished:

A great reach and discovery in a very special community. They are young interested in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. This was a great environment to get in touch with a public like this.

Reach: we try to give to knowledge about Dash not only in Guadalajara, but in the forum where our booth was placed due to attendees coming from everywhere from Mexico and Latin America.

Discovery: there were very few people that was not surprised when they heard Ariel talking about the Dash DAO and looking to a great group of friends as we are, traveling from Cancún to Guadalajara with the only purpose of spread knowledge of Dash as digital currency. This fact aroused curiosity between attendees and business people that now are interested in this crypto space, presenting Dash an opportunity to be in the right place for upcoming projects.”

Besides this conference, the team has received new invitations to upcoming events, as well as establishing strategic contacts that will allow more opportunities to keep spreading Dash knowledge in more places.

Due to the great response from attendees at this event, it’s safe to say that blockchain technology will continue to be a main feature next year at Talent Land 2019.


**This article was translated from our sister site DashNewsEspanol.com**