Thursday November 9th was the Q3 2017 update provided by the Dash core team.  These calls while never exciting are usually filled with good information about the Dash network – see the slides here.


This quarter Nathan Marley (lead developer for the Evolution project) provided the development update.  I am happy to know that the Dash development team is still growing and that the tech leads where together in London (after the Dash Conference) to work out requirements for Evolution.  Additionally they are gathering now in Hong Kong for an in-person retreat/workshop to work through the finalization of specifications and chart out the development and integration of the Evolution platform.

It is important for decentralized teams to be able to occasionally meet in person to build team cohesion and just get to know each other better.  I am also a fan of providing a little “excitement” for the team members with travel to an exciting place like Hong Kong. I hope they take some time to enjoy it.

Business Development

Ryan provided a look back at the business development highlights for last quarter.  Personally at the time I had not seen the addition of Dash to the Apple App store as a “real big” deal but looking back I guess it was.  Adding mobile wallets to a large segment of the smart phone marketplace is very important. How many top 20 cryptos have their own mobile wallet for both Apple and Android?

In the next year I think the real importance of the Dash partnerships with BlockCypher and Alt 36 will have become clear – I see them both as true engines of fantastic growth for Dash.

Of course, the recruitment of a new expanded business development team is also big news.  The focused on-boarding of strategic partners is just what Dash needs more of.  With the benefit of having the treasury funding system comes the responsibility of watching over those funded projects – I hope to see this function grow.

Marketing and Communications

Dash’s ongoing contract with Wachsman PR and the new contract with Ogilvy and Mather are both things not common in the crypto industry.  Most other projects don’t have the funding for items like these.

In “bigger” / decentralized organizations there is never enough communications.  It is important that the core team acknowledges they need to work on this issue.

The Dash Conference and the other conference sponsorships that have been funded are also very unique in the industry and give Dash a solid high quality reputation.

Financial Information

Things look good.  On a quarterly basis it is easy to see the growth of Dash.  One important statistic I would like to see grow faster is the % of overall market cap – Dash is just about 1.5% of the total crypto market.  The Dash core team now has $3,500,000 in assets built up for various projects and salary needs.

Legal Organization Structure

The creation of a corporate organizational structure that will allow the masternode owners real ownership of the Dash network assets is close to completion.  This will allow for many innovative things to happen in the future like the masternode network owning a percent of a business that was funded by the network.  This structure also gives a clear path for “defunding” the management of Dash Core or other subsidiary organizations with the least disruption possible.


The future is bright 😉