This past week has been another very productive week in Dash with plenty of integrations and media including the the Dash Convention Europe. Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Vaultoro Integrates Dash, Relaunches Gold-to-Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Vaultoro, the gold-to-crypto exchange that has previously integrated Dash has relaunched their entire platform to make it more user friendly. So far, they have 20,000 users across 95+ countries that have traded over 95 million USD of physical gold and continue to audit their holdings with accredited organization. The platform not only gives Dash more exposure, but also provides more liquidity for those that do not want to always hold cryptocurrency due to its volatility, but also do not want to go back to fiat or more traditional assets.
  • BitGo Launches Dash Staking Enabling Secure Custodial Passive Income: BitGo’s newly launched Dash staking program on its secure custodial platform allows investors, including institutions to earn passive recurring income from their investments. BitGo will store the coins on its company’s famed multisignature technology, further securing trust among pontential investors that are attracted to Dash for its masternode rewards. This passive income stream compliments CrowdNode’s pooled masternodes, which allows anyone with over one Dash to gain a proportional share of each month’s block rewards.
  • CGift Cryptocurrency Physical Gift Card Platform Integrates Dash: The redeemable online and physical gift card platform for cryptocurrency now allows individuals to quickly send Dash to the end users wallets. They indeed to expand to sell giftcards locally in European stores. This integration joins similar services like Cryptotip that allow individuals to print out physical, pre-determined paper wallets to leave as tips in restaurants and bitnovo that sell gift cards in physical stores around Europe.
  • UTRUST Integrates Dash Enabling Cryptocurrency Payments for Whow Games With 9 Million Users: UTRUST is a cryptocurrency payment solution that has integrated Dash payments enabling Whow Games, an online social gaming platform, to offer instant transactions, buyer protection, and crypto-to-cash settlements. The dual integrations benefit both parties to participate in online games without the risk of chargebacks, which cost merchants around the world $28 billion USD in 2017. Whow Games joins Dash’s growing list of online games that accept Dash including HeroSphere, AirCoins, Dash.Red, and FanDuel.
  • Bibox Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash InstantSend With Zero-Fee Promotion: Bibox, a cryptocurrency exchange servicing primarily Asian markets, has integrated InstantSend support for Dash and is running a promotional event of 0 fee transactions on Dash’s trading pairs DASH/BTC, DASH/ETH and DASH/USDT. While Dash’s InstantSend is now automatic on all transactions, it still has to be recognized by exchanges, which is continuously growing including Hong Kong-based exchange BitAsset and Vietnamese exchange Bvnex that integrated InstantSend this month.
  • Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash Including InstantSend Support: The Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange recently added Dash, along with InstantSend, and it will be traded with Brazilian real (BRL), TrueUSD (TUSD), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin (BTC). Latin America is rapidly adding new was for individuals to use and trade Dash, such as the recent integration by KaMoney, which enables Brazilians to pay bills in Dash, buy gift cards, and other services that enable real world usage. In the neighboring country of Venezuela, Dash is continuing to see adoption in major retailers such as Traki, Farmarato, and Farmarket, along with a shopping mall and parking structure.
  • Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Exchange CriptoLAGO Launches Dash Debit Card: CriptoLAGO, a state-licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Venezuela, is launching a new cryptocurrency debit card that will allow consumers to more easily spend Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Petro. The debit card is being launched with “investment cryptobank” Glufco, which will facilitate the wallet transfers and CriptoLAGO will facilitate fiat exchanges with the bolivar. The launch of the card comes as trading and usage of cryptocurrency is increasing within the country, including Dash Core CEO, Ryan Taylor, calling Dash “the most-used cryptocurrency in Venezuela”.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner, on what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • 🏇 Several InstantSend improvements
  • 🔒 Fixes for ChainLocks/LLMQs
  • 🐣 Bitcoin backports
  • 🧞‍♂️ Introduced State View Transactions into Drive, which represent the basic set of actions related to State Transition processing in Drive
  • 🚨 Updated UI for Passphrase Reminder (DashWallet iOS + Android)

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Dash News Video Recap – SMART VALOR Exchange & CYBAVO Wallet Integrate Dash + InstantSend Analysis: If you missed any of last week’s Dash news then make sure to listen to Heidi’s weekly recap to get a quick summary!
  • Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor Says Dash Helps Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Traders: Ryan Taylor explained in an interview with CoinDesk how Dash’s rapid speed with InstantSend and decreasing wait times on exchanges better enables traders to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities across exchanges. This not only helps Dash lower its volatility, but also helps lower the volatility of coins that Dash is paired against. Ryan also took the time to explain how Dash’s privacy features are not any different from using Bitcoin and a Coinjoin service, and thus, it does not make sense for exchanges to delist Dash because of regulatory concern around privacy coins.
  • Dash Podcast 124 – Dash Convention Europe Recap Feat. Fabio Bossi & Martin Albert: This week Joël and Mark welcome Bitalo CEO, Fabio Bossi, and Founder of Lamium, Martin Albert, both of Bitcoin Embassy Switzerland to chat about their time at Dash Convention – Europe, who they talked with, and the different presentations. They also discuss their different perspectives of where they believe Dash adoption goes into the future. There is plenty of Dash news to take in so make sure to tune if to find out more!

This week has been jammed packed with new Dash integrations as it continues to see more integrations among exchanges, platforms, and other services that better help individuals achieve liquidity and real world usage.