This week has been another awesome week for Dash with new integrations and developments! Continue reading to get a summary of the week!

Integrations of the Week:

  • Buying Pizza with Dash: Alejandro Echeverría, co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Merchant – Venezuela, and Dash Text showed how easy it is to buy pizza from Papa John’s, the international pizza chain, in Caracas, Venezuela. He highlighted how there are currently four other Papa John’s around Venezuela that are using Dash. Just a few days earlier, Alejandro also demonstrated, via video, buying cookies from Susy’s Cookies and a sandwich from Subway. The videos help depict just how wide spread and easy it is to us Dash in everyday life throughout Venezuela.
  • Online Venezuelan Grocery Store Has 80 Dash Transactions in One Day: The online store, Tu Pana Charcutero, sells groceries, delicatessen, and charcuterie to Venezuelans for both fiat and Dash. The store recently had a record 80 Dash transactions in a single day, which is a huge increase from the highest of 19 transactions in one day just a month ago. The store helps incentivize Dash usage by hosting ‘Dash Mondays’ where they only take Dash as payment, have no minimum purchase amount, and free shipping. They also give a discount to individuals paying in Dash. The store is strategically partnered with Dash Maracay, which helps to educate Venezuelans about Dash, how Dash can help improve their lives, and how to use Dash. The two parties demonstrate how strategic outreach and education helps increase Dash’s adoption and usage since many individuals cannot spare the time to learn about cryptocurrencies and how Dash can help them.
  • Entrepreneurs Enable Travel via Cryptocurrencies: More Stamps Global just launched to allow consumers to purchase hotels, flights, and sightseeing trips with 40 different types of cryptocurrencies, including Dash. Their efforts bring to mind, which allows consumers to purchases flights, hotels, and rental cars with Dash and other cryptocurrencies. TravelbyBit is helping tourists explore Australia via cryptocurrencies and Dash. These projects display how Dash, with its record low fees and fast confirmation times, provides solutions to the problems generated by the old financial system when traveling and having to exchange fiat currencies.
  • Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange, RealExchange, Adds Dash: RealExchange integrated Dash into their cryptocurrency exchange that also features trading pairs with the Brazilian real. They are also featuring a special offer of 0% trading fees for the next few weeks. Dash has been steadily growing in Brazil including Dash Brazil, Dash Dinheiro Digital Youtube channel, multiple MMA sponsorships, and even a gas station that accepts Dash. Brazil also shares a border with Venezuela where Dash adoption is booming since over 1,500 of the 3,000 global Dash accepting merchants are located, according to

Dash Development of the Week:

  • Dash Text Launches Public Beta: Dash Text, which aims to allow users to send Dash via SMS texting, has launched a public beta in Venezuela. The feature is highly needed since only 40% of the country has access to smartphones and repeatedly suffers electrical and internet connectivity issues. The DAO funded projected stands to significantly help the remittances industry, especially since new regulations in Venezuela limits cross-boarder payments. Dash can help all individuals with remittances by saving a lot of money in lower fees and faster transfers. Dash Text is also planning to integrate directly with local POS providers to enable consumers to easily spend Dash via their phones without having to worry about transferring the funds to a wallet or cash out to use their money.

Regulations of the Week:

  • SEC Commissioner Argues for Relaxed Crypto Laws: Hester M. Peirce, a.k.a. “Cryptomom”, recently gave a speech where she discussed her dissenting opinion on the SEC decision to not approve Bitcoin ETFs. She discussed many reasons and went over five specific points, but overall was of the opinion that regulators need to take a hands-off approach. She argued that investors need to take their own risks, lose money, and learn in order to allow innovation in the financial marketplace that will benefit other investors and consumers in the long-run rather than the SEC trying to coddle investors. Her arguments bring to mind Dash’s current pursuit of a ‘no-action’ letter from the SEC to give more confidence to investors and consumers that Dash is a currency rather than a security.
  • Europol Is Concerned About Rising Illicit Activities with Cryptocurrencies: A new report released by Europol discusses how they see cryptojacking to maliciously mine cryptocurrencies on unsuspecting users’ devices, extortion of personal data, and lack of AML/KYC compliance to be a problem. However, the report draws attention to the fact that the traditional financial and monetary sector remains a big hub for financial crimes rather the cryptocurrencies, despite popular opinion to the contrary. These concerns remind individuals that Dash has remained committed to transparency and is striving to be a currency used for everyday transactions with the option of privacy.

Research of the Week:

  • Hard Forks Hinder Mass Adoption: A new study claims that hard forks within cryptocurrencies hinder mass adoption by splitting communities and making it harder for new entrants to integrate with the technology and culture. The findings draws attention to the fact that Dash is able to avoid hard forks because of its ability to achieve consensus much easier thanks to its unique structure. Dash’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) creates incentives to hold the network together and allows disputes to easily find consensus through the treasury voting mechanism. A recent example is Dash’s logo change where Dash Core Group’s proposed logo was overruled by a community elected logo nominated and voted for in the treasury proposal system.
  • Hedge Fund Questions Litecoin’s Viability: Multicoin Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund released a report that listed several issues with Litecoin and why they believe it has an ominous future. Among those reasons are struggling financials of The Litecoin Foundation and real world usability. These stand in stark contrast to Dash where Dash Core Group and other Dash projects continue to receive funding via the treasury and other funding mechanism within the Dash ecosystem. Dash is also, partly thanks to the many funding mechanism within Dash and Dash’s efforts to be Digital Cash, seeing massive adoption around the world for everyday usage.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Three Amigos Interview Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO: On this week’s episode of the The Three Amigos podcast, the group talks with Ryan Taylor about recent and upcoming Dash developments. They touched on Dash’s efforts to get an SEC ‘no-action’ letter, Dash’s ability to quickly diagnose and fix development bugs, updates on Dash Ventures, Evolution progress updates, Dash scaling, how long Ryan can hold his breath underwater, and much more! Make sure to listen to this episode if you missed the live recording since you do not want to lose out on this valuable knowledge!

This has been an awesome week demonstrating the integration and developmental successes of Dash! Stay tuned into our site and social media networks to see all the upcoming Dash developments! We hope that our content and coverage was very informative and enjoyable this week and we cannot wait to see what awesome Dash News awaits us next week!