This week has been another fantastic week in Dash with new integrations, developments, and general news so keep reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Destinia Travel Booking Site Adds Dash for Select Flights: The popular travel site has added Dash to their cryptocurrency offerings, but not all of their flights accept Dash and there is not currently a way to filter for only Dash-accepting flights. Destinia did tell Dash News that, as a general rule, flights will typically not accept cryptocurrency if it is less than 48 hours nor will low-cost airlines. Luckily, Dash users have other alternatives, such as XcelTrip, Travala, and
  • BitMart Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash With InstantSend Support: The cryptocurrency exchange will integrate Dash with USDT, BTC, and ETH trading pairs and InstantSend support. In their integration announcement, they cite their extensive reviewal process and found “that DASH is structured and promoted as ‘Utility Token’, and therefore, should be not categorized as ‘Security'” and “decided that listing DASH is in compliance with local rules and regulations in areas where we operate”. This shows that while some exchanges are pondering delisting Dash due to its PrivateSend feature, other exchanges find Dash to be no different than other major coins in a regulatory sense.
  • Gentarium Integrates Dash Into Masternode Hosting and Shared Masternode Services: The masternode, mining, and loan management platform has integrated Dash support for masternode hosting as well as for masternode shares. The integration adds to the different options that individuals have when choosing a Dash masternode hosting service and the shared masternode service compliments the likes of CrowdNode, Neptune Dash, Cobo Wallet, and Snode which enhances the robustness of the Dash masternode ecosystem.
  • Coinify Integrates Dash, Adds Tens of Thousands of Dash Merchants: The full cryptocurrency services provider that includes merchant services like payments and invoicing, trading API, and trading platform have integrated Dash. The integration will further help lower the cost of Dash integrations for merchants much like other integrations like UTRUST, Bitgo, Salamantex, and others have lowered integration costs and enabled future integrations with merchants.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner, on what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • 🐛 Bitcoin backports for SHA256 related code, fixes for ChainLocks tests and some RPC help updates
  • 🚁 Completed work on several tasks related to state transition concurrency, including finalization of the technical design for state proofs and an analysis comparing different approaches to the credit system for Dash Platform
  • 💁‍♂️ Implemented basic Dash Platform identity management solution in wallet-lib and added it to DPNS-Client
  • 🌂 Implemented new Drive API endpoints in Dash Platform
  • 👨‍🎨 Completed home screen and sign-in screen as part of the DashWallet iOS redesign
  • ✍️ Completed multiple tasks related to implementation of a BLS integrated encryption scheme for privacy in Dashpay iOS
  • 🏍 Made several UI updates related to blockchain sync issues in DashWallet Android

Exchange News of the Week:

  • OKEx Korea Pauses Previously-Announced Dash Delisting Pending Research: OKEx announced a few weeks ago their intention to delist XMR, DASH, ZEC, ZEN, SBTC due to their conflict with new FATF guidelines. However, they have now announced that they will pause the delisting of Dash and ZCash pending further research into the topic. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core has previously detailed how PrivateSend works and why it should not be treated any differently from Bitcoin with Coinjoin mixers. Also recently, Dash was integrated into Coinbase and Coinsbase Pro, which serves the U.S. market that is known for being one of the toughest financial regulatory environments in the world.

Dash Community Outreach of the Week:

General News of the Week:

  • DuckDuckGo Consumer Survey Shows Increasing Demand for Privacy: A new survey by the privacy-focus search engine and browser, shows that consumers have been taking active steps to achieve greater privacy, including seeing its own year-over-year traffic grow by 68%. The increased demand for privacy comes as more and more individuals are having their identifying information and even credit card and bank info leaked through online hacks. Dash offers these individuals more privacy through PrivateSend and is attempting to improve privacy usability with upcoming blockchain usernames and zero-knowledge proofs on the Dash Platform as a part of Evolution.
  • IRS Updates Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance, Forked Coins Now Liable: The United States tax authority released its first cryptocurrency tax guidance update since 2014 and clarified some issue along with adding tax liability for forked coins. Unfortunately, no minimum exemption was added so, technically, all purchases are liable even if it is just buying a cup of coffee with Dash. While having better guidance will ease confusion, the lack of favorable tax policy towards using it as cash will limit its adoption. To help make tax filings easier, Dash has had a robust history with no chain splits since upgrades have gone smoothly with soft forks, which are not liable and companies like Node40 exists to help document cryptocurrency taxes.
  • PayPal to Leave Facebook’s Libra Exposing Weaknesses of Centralized Projects: PayPal has officially withdrawn from Facebook’s Libra association and MaserCard and Visa have clarified that their participation is conditional that “the association [can] satisfy all the requisite regulatory requirements”. The growing doubt around the legality of the Libra highlights the near-impossibility of a centralized challenge to government fiat money, much like e-gold and Liberty Reserve were met with failure. Cryptocurrency that is decentralized stands a better chance since no one central group can be pressured to shut it down and Dash is constantly working towards that by remaining open and transparent so community members can continuously push for improvements and more decentralization.
  • Tim Draper Launches Dash-Like Universal Cryptocurrency Username System: The Tim Draper VC-backed Unstoppable Domains announced in a press release this week the deployment of a domain name service on the Ethereum blockchain which allows users to link cryptocurrency addresses for easier payment. They believe there is significant interest in the technology with individuals already purchasing 100,000 .zil domains – the company’s first domain extension. They cite the need to simplify the sending and receiving process from the non-intuitive alphanumeric cryptographic addresses. The development also resembles Dash usernames and Dash Platform Naming Service (DPNS) that is in development to be launched as a part of Evolution.

Dash Media of the Week:

Marvelous Dash news keeps coming out each week as the network continues to grow in integrations and development. Makes sure to follow Dash News to get the latest integration and development news as it comes out in the future.