This week has been another fabulous week for Dash with some awesome news developments! Continue reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Adoption of the Week:

  • Dash Columbia Expands Adoption with Dash Invites Program: Dash Colombia’s Invite program prioritizes Dash adoption and education in local neighborhoods to increase the likelihood that Dash usage will continue beyond the event. So far they have done 15 Invite events, average around 4 a month, and may do up to 10 Invite events in November. The attendance varies from a low of 15 to a high of 96 with an average of 30-40 individuals. Their program has allowed Dash adoption to surge beyond 100 merchants in a couple months by talking directly with merchants and showing them how Dash can benefit them.
  • Kenyan Business Owner Accepts Dash: A meat barbecue restaurant, Betty’s Place in Nyeri, Kenya, has made BBC headlines for accepting Dash in addition to Bitcoin. The business has only gotten limited payments in cryptocurrency so far, but does regularly host meetups to engage and educate the local population. The business acceptance is a sign of Dash growing in everyday use around the world.
  • Pooled Dash Masternode Services Nears 10 Shared Nodes: Shared Dash Masternodes are becoming more popular as individuals wish to gain access to the returns, but do not have the 1,000 Dash required for their own Masternode. CrowdNode, a Dash Masternode pooling service, has recently announced that they have increased their number of shared nodes to 5. Then Neptune Dash, the publicly traded company that operate 21 Dash Masternodes for investors, has recently announced their 3rd pooled Dash Masternode and are near completion of their 4th and 5th pooled Masternode. This signals a rising interest and confidence in the Dash network despite the bear market.

Dash Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Core Group Renames Upcoming Versions: Dash Core Group has decided that the upcoming updates have expanded beyond their original scope and thus warrant a reclassification of version numbers. Version 0.12.4 will become version 0.13.0 and version 0.13.0, also commonly referred to as the first Evolution release, will become version 1.0. This is a sign that DCG sees the upcoming Evolution updates as a move away from the experimental phase and a move into the consumer product release phase.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Dash Announces Two New Integrations at Money 20/20: At the payments focused conference in Las Vegas, NV, USA Dash Core Group announced that Uphold is directly integrating their brokerage service into the Dash mobile wallet and FuzeX will be providing Dash branded debit cards to allow consumers to easily spend Dash. These two integrations will greatly expand the ability of consumers to purchase and use Dash in their everyday lives as they transition from fiat currency.
  • MBAex Integrates Dash: The Southeast Asian cryptocurrency exchange will be integrating Dash into their platform and currently has an active trader count of 200K – 300K individuals. The exchange features very low fees and will greatly increase Dash liquidity throughout Southeast Asia.

General News of the Week:

  • Bitcoin Dusting Attacks Highlights Privacy Concerns: A dusting attack involves sending a bunch of small transactions to a wide selection of wallet address and watching the movement of the funds in an attempt to de-anonymize various addresses. Some wallets, like the Samourai Wallet, allow users to lock these funds to prevent them from being spent and thus tracked. As blockchain analysis groups continue to improve their tracking ability, Dash provides consumers increased optional privacy through PrivateSend, which will mix transactions and either not be able to use the Dusting Attack funds or mix them to a large enough degree that renders the attack useless.
  • Over 50% of Crypto News Sites Accept Money for Publishing Articles: A recent investigation by BREAKER Magazine reveals that over 50% of cryptocurrency news agencies would be willing to accept payment to specifically cover a topic/coin and not mention it as a sponsored article. The effects of this lack of journalistic integrity on the crypto industry causes attention to be shifted from what is news worthy and important to who has deep pockets. Dash Force News has remained transparent and truthful that it is funded by the DAO Treasury, but still strives to cover stories in a truthful and factual way that focuses on the Dash ecosystem.
  • Blockchain Engineers Make 30% More than their Sector Peers: Statistics from Hired acquired by CNBC show that blockchain engineers make 30% more than the average software engineer. The high demand for blockchain engineers during the cryptocurrency bear market illustrates confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies. Dash is also showing signs of a need for developers as it is on the eve of releasing DAPI, decentralized API, to allow anyone to easily develop on the Dash blockchain.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Three Amigos Recap Recent Conferences: This week, the guys are joined by Chuck Williams and Justin Szilard to recap recent conferences and how Dash is leveraging these events into greater adoption and usage. Make sure to check it out as you do not want to miss this knowledge!

It has been a fabulous week for Dash with awesome integrations, adoption stories, and developments! Stay tuned into our site and social media networks to see all the upcoming Dash News! We hope that our content and coverage was very informative and enjoyable this week and we cannot wait to see what awesome Dash News awaits us next week!