This week has been another productive week in Dash with plenty of developments, integrations, and general news. Continue reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Network Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Core Announces Open House Event to Reveal Long-Awaited Dash Evolution: Dash Core Group has announced they will be hosting an open house to showcase the upcoming launch of Dash Platform release, commonly known as Evolution, for the open-source developer community. The tentative agenda listed on the newly released website includes covering subjects such as an introduction to Dash Platform, Dash DAPI and Drive, Dashpay-enabled wallets, developer portal, release process, community and communication, and a Q&A session, with the agenda subject to change. RSVP is encourage since space is limited so make sure to get in before it gets too crowded.
  • My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q3 2019 Conference Call: Joel summarizes his biggest takeaways from the latest quarterly call. First, Dash Platform/Evolution is still anticipated to hit public testnet, or Evonet, this quarter. Second, DCG is actively working to start a discussion about changing the block reward allocation away from the traditional 45/45/10 split since ChainLocks have improved security to the point that might be giving excessive rewards to miners. Third, DCG has engaged with regulators and exchanges in Japan and Korea to explain how Dash with PrivateSend is no different than Bitcoin going through a mixing service. So far, South Korean delistings have been paused and UK delistings have been reversed. Fourth, Alt36 launched a private beta in July, and launched fully and publicly in August, and are now processes transactions across several merchants using Dash as a payment rail. Fifth, despite lackluster exchange price performance, Dash continues to do well in usage and adoption, including a 39% increase in economic transactions this last quarter.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Travel Booking Platform Alternative Airlines Adds Dash Through Utrust Partnership: Thanks to a previous partnership with Utrust, Dash is now available on Alternative Airlines, an air travel booking platform connecting over 650 airlines worldwide. Alternative Airlines also claims to be UK’s fastest-growing travel agency and ranked 93/100 by the Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 fastest-growing private tech companies in the country. This integration joins a growing list of travel companies that now accept Dash including CheapAir, Travala, XcelTrip, and Destinia.
  • Cubobit Launches RemeZaZa Dash-Powered Remittance Platform for Mexico: The Mexican cryptocurrency exchange that integrated Dash in August, has now debuted RemeZaZa that enables end recipients to have a Dash address associated with their account, which upon receiving a transaction converts instantly to Mexican pesos, funding their RemeZaZa debit card, their bank account, or debit account within five minutes from sending the transaction. RemeZaZa furthers Dash’s expansion into the Latin American remittance market and capturing just 1% of the US-Mexico remittance market would add $350 million over the course of the year, adding 3.84% to the total value transacted by the network annually.
  • Bitsa Debuts Bitsa Young Dash Debit Card for Teenagers: Bitsa, partner company of cryptocurrency platform Bitnovo, has debuted a cryptocurrency debit card aimed at users from 14 to 17 years old to top up a prepaid debit card after the service is activated with approval from a parent or guardian. The integration not only makes more real world spending viable, but also targets younger individuals whom are more open to cryptocurrency.
  • Top BTI-Verified Cryptocurrency Exchange Indodax Integrates Dash InstantSend for Deposits: Indodax is one of the leading Indonesian cryptocurrency exchanges and a top verified exchange by the Blockchain Transparency Institute, has integrated Dash InstantSend support for deposits thanks to Dash NEXT and Dash Core Group. Indodex serves 1.8 million members in 80 countries and has more than 50 types of digital assets available, and was recently verified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute, which looks for wash trading and ranks the cleanest exchanges. The integration not only brings more Dash on-ramps, but also joins a growing list of cryptocurrency exchanges that are recognizing InstantSend to give their consumers a more seamless experience.
  • Dash Text Decentralized Charity Relaunches Platform with Three Schools and New Payment Gateway: The popular Venezuela-based Dash platform that enables individuals to send Dash via SMS text, has relaunched its decentralized charity donation platform with a new design and three schools and 50 students in each school program. The unique feature of Dash Text Charity is that it enables complete decentralized donations because any money sent to the donation address is automatically distributed to all participants listed under that address. Since there is no central administration, more money can go to the students and not be lost to administration fees or corruption and all be verified on the public Dash blockchain.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner, of what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • 🔑 Change to enable masternode mode based on presence and validity of the masternode BLS private key, rather than the redundant ‘masternode’ argument, to simplify detection and enablement of masternode mode
  • ⚖️ Small change updating the name of masternode-tx parameter to mn-collateral-tx in the voteraw RPC command, which compiles and relays governance votes, to make it more clear that it refers to the masternode collateral transaction ID and index
  • 👨‍🚀 Completed several tasks for Query Indices to further improve the retrieval of data from Drive
  • 📄 Continued work on documentation for Identities as well as the technical design document for Credit System, which will ensure masternodes are compensated for the storage of data on Drive
  • 🌷 Added special transactions to bloom filter on DashWallet iOS to ensure wallet can retrieve special transaction types, which are used for non-financial transactions such as registering a masternode
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug on DashWallet Android affecting number decimals and removed old InstantSend and masternode-related code no longer needed in the new LLMQ-based system


General News of the Week:

  • Survey – 13.5% of Americans Own or Plan to Buy Bitcoin, Equal to Entire Population of Argentina: A new survey by Crypto Radar shows that cryptocurrency ownership is relatively prominent in the United States with 13.5% of Americans either claiming to own or planning to buy Bitcoin, more than the entire population of Argentina. The data also supported previous survey insights that cryptocurrency ownership and desire to own is more prominent amount younger individuals and males rather than older individuals and females.

Dash Media of the Week:

Dash continues to power ahead with new developments, integrations, and community activism despite a lackluster exchange price performance thanks to Dash’s unique value offerings. Make sure to follow Dash news to see how Dash continues to succeed in actual usage and adoption going into the future.