This week continues to be a fabulous week for Dash integrations, performances, and all around general cryptocurrency news. Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Bitsa Dash Debit Card Enables Financial Services for the Unbanked: Bitsa debit card users can now use the card for payments, withdraw cash from ATMs, make bank transfers, online payments, and more all without having a bank account. Bitnovo users can load their card either via cryptocurrency through the Bitnovo platform or via vouchers bought in stores with cash. This comes not too long after Bitnovo integrated Dash Text for seamless cross-boarder payments.
  • Voyager Trading App Integrates Dash, Provides Exchange Competition: Voyager is a mobile app for crypto asset broker services that recently integrated Dash and will enable trading against the USD commission free. They plan to also launch a more advanced custodial service, as well. The integration provides more liquidity within the Dash ecosystem.

Dash Core Group Project Update:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Project Manager, of what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week:

  • 🚀 Dash Core v0.14 released 5/22; DIP8 over 50% miner and almost 80% masternode adoption
  • 🐛 Dash Core v0.14.0.1 planned (announcement coming)
  • 🐝 Bug fixes in Dash Platform
  • 📱 Released v6.4.4 of DashWallet (Android)

Dash Performances of the Week:

  • Dash Ecosystem Leadership “Buying the Dip” Signalling Confidence in Project’s Future: Prominent Dash DAO employees and community leaders have been buying Dash through the dip and the recent exchange price appreciation, such as Dash Trust protector and Dash Force Director of Media and PR Mark Mason and Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor. Additionally, the COO, CFO, and CEO of Neptune Dash, the publicly traded company that runs Dash masternodes, has shown in their public filings that they have only bought Dash and never sold during that past crypto winter.
  • Pooled Dash Masternode Services Claim 500+ Users, Shifting Network Decentralization Stats: Crowdnode, a masternode sharing service that allows individuals to invest for as little as 1 Dash and a 15% service fee, just passed 500 customers for 21 masternodes. Crowdnode’s founder and CEO cited their increasing trust as a major reason for the user growth, as well as ease-of-use, security, transparency, and a professional set-up. Crowdnode also enables fractional owners to vote in treasury cycles and noticed that their users tend vote more than the average masternode owner. This is in addition to the shared masternodes that Neptune Dash offers for an 18% service fee and an average of 21 customers per masternode for both platforms combined.
  • Neptune Dash Stock Up 5x from Winter Lows As Custodial Masternode Numbers Rise: The publicly traded Dash masternode custodial and sharing service saw its stock price increase from its $0.03 December low to $0.16 USD, recently, which is still down from its high of $0.465 USD in February 2018. Similarly, Dash recently rose from $69.66 on the 18th of December 2018 to $165, which shows that the price movements track somewhat similarly, but not exactly.

General News of the Week:

  • BitOasis Reportedly Delists ZEC and XMR As Privacy Demand and Crackdowns Grow: The Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange is allegedly delisting ZCash and Monero after notifying customers via email. The email posted by a customer online says that the exchange will allow customers to exchange any current holdings for AED or BTC, but ZCash and Monero cannot be moved off the platform and that the exchange might also ask customers questions about their reasons for purchasing and/or trading those privacy coins. The action marks another in a series of clampdowns on privacy oriented cryptocurrencies as the same privacy features are also becoming more popular among consumers.
  • Kin Foundation Establishes $5 Million USD Defend Crypto Fund To Take on SEC: Kin, which raised $100 million USD during the Kik messaging app ICO, is launching a $5 million USD Defend Crypto Fund to protect against a potential SEC enforcement. The SEC decision is due soon based on an internal deadline and Kin is ready to go to court if the SEC decides to pursue enforcement because Kin believes that they are not a security based on the SEC guidelines and the Howey test. However, not everyone within the community agrees with their arguments. Nevertheless, the event highlights how Dash has been able to navigate tricky regulations with the creation of the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust and the Dash Investment Foundation.
  • Poloniex Restricts Decred and 8 Other Assets in US, Cites Regulatory Uncertainty: Poloniex is restricting access to Decred, Ardor, Bytecoin, Game Credits, Neo Gas, Lisk, NXT, Omni, and Augur because of “regulatory uncertainty in the US market”. They specifically stated that “it is not possible to be certain whether US regulators will consider these assets to be securities”. While Decred is billed as a governance-focused cryptocurrency with similarities to Dash, unlike Dash, it had 1.68 million coins that were premined at launch and still relies on a central manger disburse its 10% treasury.
  • Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Leads to “Attack” and Friendly 51% Reorg, Calls Consolidation of Hash Power into Question: Bitcoin Cash recently issued an upgrade to make the previously unspendable Segwit coins on BCH spendable again, but when an unknown miner attempted to claim coins that two of the largest BCH mining pools disagreed with their ownership claims, they reorged the chain to reverse the claims. While the reorg was done in what was generally agreed as a altruistic action, it highlighted the consolidated power that mining pools have and how they have the ability to act maliciously if they wish.

Dash Media of the Week:

Dash keeps powering forward with new integrations and news as it gets closer to Evolution and other key development releases that help it become digital cash for everyday individuals. Make sure to follow Dash News on social media to get these future updates as they happen.