This week has been another fabulous week in Dash with amazing new integrations and developments! Continuing reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Text Beta Tests Telegram and WhatsApp Integrations: Dash Text, which enables consumers to easily spend Dash via SMS texting, is now testing a Telegram integration with a WhatsApp integration on the horizon. While the team is still going to focus on SMS transactions, the team recognized the popularity of Telegram and WhatsApp within Venezuela and Venezuelans living abroad and wanted to provide even more ways to send remittances. The beta tests are rolling out slowly to limited Spanish-speaking individuals that request a sign up, but illustrates the significant expansion that Dash has seen throughout Latin America.
  • CrowdNode Offers Fractional Masternode Voting, Giving Small Dash Holders Voting Rights: The popular Dash Masternode sharing company will now allow fractional Dash masternode holders to vote with the traditional “Yes, No, Abstain”, but also with “Do Nothing” and “Delegate”.  This development will help shift treasury influence from large Dash holders to smaller Dash holders that are unable to acquire the 1,000 Dash for a full Masternode. Crowdnode currently operates 17 Masternodes, and thus, the delegate option has the potential to give even more influence to other individuals on the Crowdnode platform.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Integrates Dash, Expands Exchange Options: offers consumers the ability to quickly switch between over 140 cryptocurrencies and recently integrated Dash as an input asset citing Dash’s supportive and robust community as part of the reason. only charges 0.5% fees on top of network fees and will expand the options that consumers have to move between different cryptocurrencies. Greater consumer choice allows consumers to more quickly discover which product/service is best fitted for their needs, such as Dash’s extremely low transaction fees and extremely fast confirmations without sacrificing security or decentralization.
  • VegaWallet Comprehensive Platform Adds Dash, First BitGo Integration: VegaWallet is a comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet and merchant solution that recently integrated Dash via BitGo. After Dash had the major integration with BitGo last year, VegaWallet is the first to use BitGo’s multi-signature Dash implementation with InstantSend transactions and plans to develop real world applications for Dash’s Evolution. VegaWallet also supports a merchant POS solution that helps complete the merchant-consumer adoption loop. Additionally, VegaWallet and Dash are holding a design contest for users to design the next Dash theme for the VegaWallet.

Community Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Force Meetup Contest Winners – February 2019: This month, there were 11 wallets set up and 20 attendees across 2 meet ups in Russia and Africa. Check out the post to see who won some Dash and how you can host your own meetup to potentially get rewarded yourself.

General News of the Week:

  • The Graphene Block Propagation Protocol – Advantages and Limitations/Challenges: Dash researcher, Darren Tapp, explores Graphene Block Propagation this week in his technical discussion. Find out the advantages of Graphene, how it enables faster block propagation to the network, and how it compares to other solutions. While Graphene is not in Dash’s immediate future, studying its structure can help contribute to Dash’s overall improvement.
  • eToro Launches Crypto Trading Platform in U.S. to Expand Cryptocurrency Liquidity: The popular cryptocurrency trading platform will now be officially available to U.S. consumers in 32 states and territories. The exchange introduces greater liquidity and infrastructure to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which helps execute on previous findings of eToro studies that investors are ready to dive into cryptocurrencies provided the right structure is available. Additionally, as consumers and merchants can more easily move in and out of crypto through exchanges, they will quickly discover coins best satisfy their needs, such as Dash, which a previous eToro study showed was highly undervalued.
  • Fidelity Expands Cryptocurrency Exposure By Servicing Select Clients: Fidelity is starting to offer its Digital Asset Service to select clients to continue its venture into custodial cryptocurrency services. Fidelity spun off its Digital Asset Service from its Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) incubator after they realized there was a demand for trusted service providers for institutions. Fidelity’s early mover actions signal a positive direction for cryptocurrency and Dash since Fidelity owns 10% of Neptune Dash, the publicly traded masternode sharing service.
  • BlockFi Launches Crypto Savings Account, Similarities Seen In Dash Features: The cryptocurrency lending platform is now offering a savings account that they claim offers a 6.2% annual yield. However, the service is only available to individuals with over $10 million USD in assets. Interestingly, the service still offers less than the annual returns of operating a Dash masternode, which is around 6.7% per year, in exchange for providing valuable services to the network. Additionally, a Dash masternode now costs less than $100,000 USD.

Dash Media of the Week:

Dash is advancing nicely into 2019 with continuous integrations and developments that are helping it become everyday digital cash. As the year progresses, even more announcements and breaking news is expected. make sure to follow Dash News on all our social media outlets to get the news first!