This week in Dash has been a busy one since many members of the Dash Force News team were wrapping up content from Porcfest, of which Dash was the main sponsor this year. Dash Force News was able to get many good interviews, some of which are listed below. Read further to find out more.

Integration of the Week:

  • Swarm Fund: The company will be launching a fractional Dash masternode ownership token that will allocate rewards and voting rights proportional to the amount of the masternode owned. The move makes masternode ownership more accessible to more individuals as well as enhances the robustness of the Dash network.

Technical Numbers of the Week:

  • Block Propagation Applied to Nakamoto Networks: Upcoming research shows that Dash can easily grow to 10 MB blocks with only a 0.1% orphan rate, and since Dash has 2.5 minute blocks, this is roughly equivalent to 40 MB of Bitcoin’s 10 minute blocks. This would allow Dash to process around 120 transactions per second, which is just over half of PayPal’s levels. The ability for Dash to fund research allows for Dash to prove to current and future users its growth capabilities.
  • Dash Transaction Numbers Are Up: The number of daily transactions on the Dash network recently passed Litecoin and Monero, combined. The occurrence demonstrates that Dash is being used for everyday transactions due to its comparative advantages and that the fiat currency exchange price matters less than actual usage.

Regulation of the Week:

  • Supreme Court of the United States: Justice Stephen Breyer mentioned in his dissenting opinion on a ruling about taxes on stocks that maybe “one day employees will be paid in Bitcoin or some other type of cryptocurrency” and that the definition of money should not be limited to decades old definitions. His comments demonstrate that some branches of government are beginning to recognize cryptocurrency as a currency.

Interviews of the Week:

  • Jeffery Tucker: Dash Force News interviewed Mr. Tucker at Porcfest about his Dash proposal to integrate Dash into the Bitcoin Embassy in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Mr. Tucker discussed how much cryptocurrencies are helping people in the Atlanta area that have traditionally been excluded from the financial and monetary system, but that they still need a physical location to help onboard and support users.
  • Danny of The Crypto Show: At Porcfest, Danny discussed his proposal and The Crypto Show expansion plans onto Bloomberg Business News Radio and Independent Talk. They will be expanding into the Miami, Houston, San Fransisco and Phoenix markets in the United States.
  • Free Talk Live: Joel and Mark appeared on the Free Talk Live radio show to discuss Dash, cryptocurrencies, and a variety of other topics.

Honorable Mention:

  • Dash Evolution Teaser Video: Created by The Crypto Show and featuring the voice of Chuck Williams, the video gives a high-level overview of the comparative advantages of Dash and Evolution in a fun and entertaining animation.

The Dash Force News team wants to thank our readers again for bearing with us during the busy time around Porcfest. We hope our content and coverage was informative and enjoyable. Be sure to visit the site and our social media pages regularly to see additional content, as we have great things planned. It has been a great week for Dash and we cannot wait to see what next week holds!