This week in Dash has been an exciting and active one! Check out the recent developments below!

Integrations of the week:

  • AloGateway: A payment processor that handles up to 100,000 transactions in Asia will be adopting Dash. AloGateway also supports China Union Pay, which offers a giant market expansion opportunity for Dash
  • ABEE Rideshare: A ridesharing platform that will bring additional comparative advantages to the ridesharing sector will be integrating Dash into their platform. The integration will allow for another great physical world use case for Dash users.

Outreaches of the week:

  • Dash Embassy D-A-CH: The team in Lübeck, Germany opened their second physical office in Vienna, Austria. The second location adds to their numerous partnerships, events, and online information to reach new consumers/merchants and help support consumers/merchants in German-speaking Europe.
  • Dash People: The team operating in Europe have been sponsoring a cycling team in a few races in Russia and Finland. The team is reaching new individuals, but still faces an uphill battle because of regulations, but that should be solved soon.

Innovation of the week:

  • EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum: The EU Commission has created a map of all the crypto-startups in Europe. The map actually mimics, but it highlights how Dash is able to use a decentralized network to create the same thing that a full governmental organization created.

Regulation of the week:

  • Square Cash: The popular payment application recently got a New York BitLicense allowing them to operate with cryptocurrencies in the state of New York in the United States. They received the second BitLicense in a week, which is an uptick from the overall seven issued since 2015.

Many members of the Dash Force News team were in New Hampshire, USA this week for Porcfest, which is the Libertarian festival that Dash sponsored. The event has been a huge success so far since we have set up hundreds of new individuals with a Dash wallet. In addition, we heard from a good amount of people that created a Dash wallet at previous Dash sponsored events and have continued to use Dash since they love it so much. Overall, this week, the team wants to apologize for any late article postings or low quality since we have all been very busy and trying to work with limited cell data and internet access in rural New Hampshire. We hope that you enjoyed our postings as much as normal and got a taste of the event with our special edition Three Amigos Podcast and social media postings of the debates and talks. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a more in-depth summary of the event.