This week continues to be another amazing week for Dash with new integrations, developments, and general news. Continue reading below to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Dash Text Offers SMS Text Feature in US, Expands Telegram Integration and Charity Program: Dash Text, the popular service that enables users to send Dash via SMS text, will now offer service within the United States due to popular demand after integrating Dash Text via Telegram. Dash Text also added a second school of 50 children to their decentralized charity program. Dash Text helps service the numerous individuals that can benefit from cryptocurrencies’ attributes, but do not own smartphones (60% of Venezuelans and 59% of Colombians) and thus could not previously make purchases on-the-go via mobile wallets.
  • Dash Enabled VegaWallet and CoinFlip Form Partnership To Advance Real World Usability: VegaWallet is becoming the official wallet of CoinFlip ATMs to make it a seamless experience for consumers to purchase, store, and spend cryptocurrency, including Dash. VegaWallet also recently rolled out their enhanced wallet with better UI/UX and tutorials on how to use cryptocurrency. The partnership will enable consumers to quickly acquire and spend Dash at one of over 4,800 merchant locations that accept Dash, which can be found on the DiscoverDash website or app.
  • Dash and Augmented Reality App Aircoins Partner in Global Treasure Hunt: Aircoins is an AR app that leverages geolocation to deploy treasure hunts for various crypto tokens and will be releasing one Dash, which is currently valued around $153 USD to 10 major cities around the world including Bangkok, Medellín, New York City, and Amsterdam. The goal is to engage users to acquire and use Dash, and hopefully build commercial prospects such as Dash adoption or advertising. Multiple data sets, such as active address counts, transaction value data, and non-monetary outputs suggest that Dash is one of the top cryptocurrencies being used for everyday money exchanges and purchases.
  • Platform Integrates Dash Including Debit Card, Promotional Dash Giveaway: users will now be able to spend Dash via their cryptocurrency debit card and from June 11-18 those that have at least 50 of the platform’s native MCO token staked and have performed at least three Dash transactions will be selected at random to receive 0.5 Dash each, up to a total of 15 Dash. also offers merchant functions and a way to earn interest, which helps make it a multi-stop solution.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Project Manager, of what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week:

  • 🕰 Dash Corev0.14: DIP8 (ChainLock enforcement) has locked in and will activate between 6/16–6/17
  • 📱 Additional SPV work on Dash Platform and reviewed Identities & Names implementation
  • 🏷 Coded new price source for DashWallet (iOS + Android)
  • 📲 More Dash Core v0.14 support work on DashWallet (iOS+ Android) and migrated to Porto devnet

Dash Network Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Node Counts Exceed Bitcoin Cash, SV, Litecoin, Dogecoin Combined: New data from BlockChair, which recently added full Dash support including a Dash explorer, reveals that the number of reachable Dash nodes is 4,383, which outranks the next four cryptocurrencies combined; Litecoin has 1,830 nodes, Bitcoin Cash has 1,473 nodes, Dogecoin has 514 nodes, and Bitcoin SV has 383 nodes. Dash was only beat out by Bitcoin, which has 9,205 reachable nodes, but the fact that Dash is able to achieve such a high ranking is thanks to its masternode network that is incentivized to maintain the network.
  • Hundreds of Dash Masternodes Offline As Network Tightens Performance Standards: With last week’s activation of the DKG (distributed key generation) spork, a score-based service, Proof of Service, was implemented to insure that masternodes are running and serving the network. This caused over 200 masternodes to drop offline and reduce the counts from a high of 4,945 nodes to a present figure of 4,704 nodes. Nevertheless, over 95% of masternodes have remained active and Dash’s hashrate reached 3.688 petahashes, which beats the previous high of 3.537 petahashes achieved in early May.

General News of the Week:

  • Survey: Cryptocurrency Use is Limited Despite Consumer Desire to Spend: A new survey by BitBay, a Polish-based cryptocurrency exchange, showed that of 2,582 respondents only 25 percent made at least one cryptocurrency transaction, but over 50% wanted to make a cryptocurrency transaction. The disconnect illustrates the lack of available spending options for those in the cryptocurrency sector. Dash has been working to change this by focusing on getting both online and physical merchants to accept Dash and making it faster, cheaper, and easier to spend Dash with automatic InstantSend, ChainLocks, PrivateSend, and other improvements.
  • Coinroom Exchange Vanishes, Reveals Dash InstantSend Advantage for Traders: The Poland-based exchange, Coinroom, disappeared on April 02, 2019 with the President relocating to Estonia to open another business, signaling an exit scam. The event highlights the advantages of Dash InstantSend, which helps eliminate the confirmation delay and consumers have a slightly better chance of retrieving their funds if an exchange goes defunct very quickly, which is a risk in the cryptocurrency sector.
  • Approaching G20 Guidelines Place Identification Regulations on Cryptocurrency Transactions over $1,000 Dollars: On June 21, the Financial Action Task Force, a multinational task force charged with combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, will release a new note on how the participating countries should treat cryptocurrencies. They have already revealed that they plan to suggest that these recommendation will apply to collecting information about customers initiating transactions of over $1,000 dollars or 1,000 euros.

Dash Media of the Week:

Dash keeps pushing forward with new integrations and developments that help individuals achieve monetary and financial independence by being able to spend Dash in everyday life. These integrations and developments will get even stronger as the network approaches the release of Evolution. Make sure to follow Dash News on social media to get all of this breaking news first!