It continues to be a great week in Dash with plenty of new developments, integrations, and overall news content! Continue reading to get a brief summary of the week.

Integration of the Week:

  • 34 Bytes Payments Processor: 34 Bytes is a point-of-sale merchant solution that operates as a traditional credit card POS swipe machine, which prints out a physical receipt. On the receipt is a QR code with the receiver address and amount due. 34 Bytes initially only took Bitcoin, but has recently decided to integrate Dash after Bitcoin’s large spike in fees and confirmation times. The 34 Bytes POS is attractive for merchants that do not have the equipment for a full modern tablet-based POS platform like the Anypay POS. This integration will allow Dash to further expand its ever growing merchant list – currently around 1,500 merchants on

Research of the Week:

  • ASU Blockchain Labs: New research from Arizona State University’s Blockchain Research Laboratory shows that Dash can scale, on-chain, up to 10 MB blocks at 2.5 minute intervals with only a 0.1% orphan rate. This would be the equivalent of 40 MB blocks on the Bitcoin network. At this level, Dash could handle 120 transactions per second, which is just over half of what PayPal currently handles. The authors of the paper believe that on-chain scaling is a viable, long-term, solution for a global payments network, which is the goal of Dash.
  • Imperial College London: Researchers from Imperial College London and eToro believe that cryptocurrencies could see mainstream payments adoption within a decade. Although, they cited a few obstacles that cryptocurrencies would have to overcome first, such as volatility, scalability, and privacy. However, Dash is already making strides to find solutions to many of the obstacles that they mentioned.

Community Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Africa in Nigeria: Nigeria once again topped Bitrefill’s list of countries that used Dash to make mobile airtime purchases. Dash Africa is working hard to increase consumer and merchant adoption in Nigeria and is waiting for the Anypay POS to integrate the Nigeria Naira to aid in their merchant adoption campaign. The team also has numerous other plans to increase Dash adoption in Nigeria and the surrounding area.

Regulations of the Week:

  • France Argues Against Cryptocurrency Regulations: The French government official, Jean-Pierre Landau, who previously spoke out against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, has since changed his stance to arguing against overzealous cryptocurrency regulations. Although, he still wants some control over the financial and monetary innovations of cryptocurrencies, which indicates that he has not made a full switch, yet. His comments, nevertheless, highlighted how less regulations encourage more innovation, which is what Dash has been able to do to bring revolutionary new features and benefits to consumers.
  • Regulators Worldwide Shift to Lighter Regulation Approach: Regulators in South Korea, India, and the United States have begun to walk back earlier talks of harsh cryptocurrency bans in favor of a lighter regulation approach. The light regulations will still impose costs on merchant and consumers, but will allow for greater adoption than a straight ban would have allowed. The comparative advantage of Dash is its strong economic incentives that encourages self-regulation and disincentivizes fraud, and thus, makes government regulations redundant.

Interviews of the Week:

  • Ryan Taylor Speaks with Cointelegraph: During the interview, Ryan discusses his move from traditional finance to the cryptocurrency sector, the difference between Dash and other currencies, key use cases and markets, regulations, and Dash’s omittance from crypto media.
  • New Information on Dash Ventures: Ryan Taylor has recently been dropping new pieces of information on Dash Ventures, an investment fund built on the Dash network. The exact structure of Dash Ventures is still unknown, but it will benefit the Dash network by providing extra revenue streams and enhancing the incentives to create useful and valuable products and services for consumers.

As always, we hope that our content and coverage was informative and enjoyable this week. Be sure to regularly visit the site and our social media pages to see additional content that is always being rolled out. It has been a great week for Dash and we cannot wait to see what next week holds!