This week continues to be another great week in Dash with awesome integrations, speeches, and news! Continue reading to get a brief summary of the week.

Integrations of the Week:

  • Dash Leads Cryptocurrency Adoption in Venezuela: Dash has been adopted by over 540 merchants in Venezuela according to The large adoption has been possible due to the Dash treasury and on-the-ground work by Dash Venezuela, Dash Caracas, the Dash Help Desk, and other groups. Dash is providing real life solutions to individuals in the country suffering from massive inflation caused by the government. The large adoption also proves Dash’s ability to be a cryptocurrency used in everyday transactions no matter how small or large – to be Digital Cash.
  • Dash Continues Partnership with Medicinal Genomics: Dash continues a partnership with the marijuana DNA-based testing company to improve the genome map of marijuana strains and store them on the Dash blockchain. The partnership will significantly help marijuana entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing field and will help establish Dash’s position as one of the top cryptocurrencies for the marijuana industry. The partnership also stands to demonstrate how Dash can help academic research in ways not directly related to money, finance, computer science, or economics.
  • Dash Partners with Tradecore via BlockCypher: Dash has partnered with the online brokerage software company, Tradecore, to expand Dash’s market reach to more investors. The partnership was made possible via BlockCypher, which was an earlier funded Dash proposal that makes Dash and blockchain integrations easier for businesses. The partnership will expose Dash to new investors, which will help Dash’s exchange price discovery and thus further increase adoption.

Investors of the Week:

  • Palm Beach Research Group Says Dash will 10X in a Year: Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG) have historically been bullish on Dash and now predict a price of around $2,600 USD in about a year. Teeka Tiwari from PBRG cited InstantSend, PrivateSend, and the real-world use case of unbanked marijuana stores as reasons for the price prediction. The price prediction signals that more investors are starting to recognize the advantages of Dash and its ability to become a global payments system.
  • Fidelity Owns 15% Stake in Neptune Dash: This week, information emerged that Fidelity, the large investment firm, owns a 15% stake in Neptune Dash, the publicly traded fractional Masternode ownership company. The information also signals that more investors, including institutional investors, are recognizing the advantages that Dash offers to the world and its competitive advantages over other cryptocurrencies.

Testimony and Debate of the Week:

  • Mark Mason Testifies to the UK Parliament – Full Audio: Last week, Mark testified to the UK Parliament about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and Dash. He discussed how cryptocurrencies, and specifically Dash, is helping people around the world and has huge potential to improve consumer well-being. Head on over to listen to the full audio of his speech!
  • Joël Valenzuela Debates Tone Vays: A few weeks ago, Joël debated the Bitcoin maximalist, Tone Vays, at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire. It was a very positive and productive debate that covered valuable information about scarcity, competition, money vs. trade clearing, and decentralization. Make sure to listen in since you do not want to miss this recording!

Community Outreach of the Week:

  • ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab Discusses Dash on the Radio: The Blockchain Research Lab that Dash founded with Arizona State University appeared on The Crypto Show, which airs on KFNX 1100 radio in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. They discussed Dash and cryptocurrencies in various degrees of difficulty since the general public listeners could be coming from different knowledge backgrounds. They touched on decentralization, the scaling advantages that Dash brings to cryptocurrency, and the research and educational opportunities that Dash enables through its treasury. The discussion brought Dash to the front of listens’ minds as they heard about the innovation and advantages of Dash.
  • Dash Embassy D-A-CH launches Road Show: The Dash Embassy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland launched their roadshow to travel to different cities to discuss money, cryptocurrencies, and Dash. The inaugural event was successful and further supported their progress of improving the public perception of Dash in German-speaking Europe. They also demonstrated the overall ability of Dash and the Dash community to educate consumers so they are better informed.

Knowledge of the Week:

  • Decentralization Information and Comparison: Decentralization is a word thrown around a lot in the cryptocurrency community, but the finer details are often left out of the discussion. Check out this informational/comparison article to learn the difference between decentralized infrastructure and leadership, decentralized and distributed systems, why decentralization matters, and if its existence can be measured.

Interviews of the Week:

  • The Three Amigos Interview Dash Core CTO, Bob Carroll: This week the Three Amigos welcomed Bob Carroll, Dash Core’s CTO, onto the show to answers some important questions from the Dash community. Make sure to check it out since you do not want to miss this discussion about Dash’s past, present, and upcoming technical developments.

As always, we hope that our content and coverage was informative and enjoyable this week. Be sure to regularly visit the site and our social media pages to see additional content that is always being rolled out. It has been a great week for Dash and we cannot wait to see what next week holds!