It has been a great week in Dash with plenty of new developments, integrations, and overall news content! Continue reading to get a brief summary of the week.

Dash Network Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Version 12.3: This week, Dash Core Group released v12.3, which introduces many network performance improvements and lays the foundation for the Evolution platform. The new version will introduce multiple independent devnets, “lower the number of inputs designated to each wallet, improve user privacy by eliminating the merging together of small non-private inputs, and decrease UTXO set size.” The unique structure of Dash has allowed it to continuously and smoothly innovate and improve the network in the interests of end consumers.
  • Dash Copay Wallet: The Dash Core Group is steadily continuing to test the Copay wallet with Beta testing now available. The Copay wallet will bring Dash users many new features, but the most prominent feature is the multi-signature ability to allow Dash to be used more easily by families or professional businesses where spending typically requires multiple approvals before being allowed.

Integration of the Week:

  • Dash Added to eBitcoinics: eBitcoinics serves many African nations and is the top cryptocurrency exchange for Ghana and Nigeria. This week it added Dash to its trading pairs, including fiat pairs, which solves many liquidity issues in the area since local Dash demand is often higher than the available supply.

Research of the Week:

  • CoinFairValue Ranks Dash Third on Fair Value: CoinFairValue attempts to find the fair value and proper valuation of cryptocurrencies based on their actual usage. The formula was inspired by how stocks get their fair value from “discounted expected free cash flows”. Dash is ranked third because of the consistently low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, security, and large consumer and merchant adoption that enable using Dash in everyday transactions.
  • ING and Ipsos Study: The Dutch multinational bank funded an online survey by the global market research firm, Ipsos, to gauge consumer opinions on cryptocurrencies. Among numerous other insights, the study found that 35% of European consumers see cryptocurrencies as “the future of online spending”. This is a positive sign for cryptocurrencies in general, but also specifically for Dash because of the many Dash community outreach groups in Europe.

Events of the Week:

  • Dash Venezuela Crowdfunds 9th Dash Conference: Dash Venezuela has consistently been hosting Dash conferences to increase user adoption in the country. Despite major successes, they were unable to get DAO funding for their 9th conference due to the DAO treasury being maxed out. However, they were able to crowdfund the event from the Dash community, which demonstrates the generosity and incentives of the Dash community, along with Dash’s ability to adapt to changing scenarios.
  • Latin American Leadership Forum: Nine leaders from five Latin American countries gathers via an online chatroom to discuss the progress of Dash growth in their respective countries, as well as how to replicate successful strategies to expand Dash even more.

Community Announcements of the Week:

  • Dash Force MVPs: After a brief hiatus, the Dash Force Most Valuable People is back to let community members know that their involvement and contributions are appreciated. Each winner receives around $100 in Dash as recognition for their efforts. Head over to the post to see who won!

Interview of the Week:

  • Three Amigos Interview Ryan Taylor: This week on the Dash Force Three Amigos Podcast, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, joins the guys to answer some questions. Make sure to watch it if you have not already since you do not want to miss this!

As always, we hope our content and coverage was informative and enjoyable this week. Be sure to regularly visit the site and our social media pages to see additional content that is always being rolled out. It has been a great week for Dash and we cannot wait to see what next week holds!