Dash continues to speed into the new year with fantastic new integrations and developments. Continue reading to get a summary below.

Dash Announcements of the Week:

  • Dash Core v0.13 Going to Mainnet Monday 1/14: Dash Core Group just announced that v0.13 will launch on this coming Monday. The upgrade will feature automatic InstantSend, deterministic masternode lists, special transactions, a third masternode key to delegate voting responsibility, and improvements to PrivateSend. This upgrade will serve as the foundation for the future upgrades of Evolution.

Dash Development of the Week:

  • Dash Nexus Goes Live: After a couple months of testing, Nexus went live on Friday to bring new features to help improve the Dash governance mechanism. In addition to a more sleek UI/UX, Nexus offers better sorting and classification of proposals, more informative proposal templates, a concepts section for potential proposals, and a Dashboard section for widgets with key data insights.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Brazilian Exchange, XDEX, Integrates Dash: The Brazilian exchange will increase Dash liquidity in the country with competitive trading fees of 0.25%. XDEX cited Dash’s key differentiating factors, such as InstantSend, PrivateSend, and the Masternode network as a chief reason for its integration. Dash will now be in a better position to give monetary and financial freedom to the country, which has historically had inflation and corruption issues.
  • Coinsave Integrates Dash, Enhances Canadian Liquidity: The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange allows users to buy and sell Dash with the Canadian dollar and plans to allow users to send Dash to an external wallet as early as Q1 2019. They decided to integrate Dash because of demand since “existing users kept messaging them about adding new coins and Dash was the most requested”. Coinsave and their diverse and quality coin offerings will help put pressure on other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, to offer consumers more options.
  • SWFT Blockchain Integrates Dash: The cross-chain wallet app that enables users to own, send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies has recently integrated Dash. SWFT improves upon its Shapeshift and Changelly competitors by offering decentralized swaps from one address to another and in-wallet swaps. Trades are 0.05% if a user holds Swftcoin in the app and 0.1% per trade if they do not hold Swftcoin.
  • BitUniverse Integrates Dash to Expand Accessibility: The all in one cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool and trading terminal recently integrated Dash into their app. BitUniverse allows users to reference 200+ exchanges for price tracking and 14+ exchanges to make trades via API. The app’s creation and usage signals there is a consumer desire for simpler ways to handle cryptocurrencies, which Dash is also trying to do via education campaigns and better usability designs.

Dash Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Force Meetup Winners: December saw 340 wallets set up across 8 meetups in Venezuela and Africa. The events were advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote. Check it out to see who won some Dash and how you can host your own Dash meetup in a city near you.

General News of the Week:

  • Venezuela Decrees New Tax be Paid in Cryptocurrency: A new Venezuelan decree states that transaction conducted in a cryptocurrency must be paid in the same cryptocurrency. This new action can be interpreted as both good and bad. Good since it is a sign that the government is keeping a friendly stance toward cryptocurrency activities, but also bad since part of the appeal was that the government was not involved with cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, there are still significant roadblocks ahead for the tax implementation, such as actually knowing what transactions were made in which cryptocurrency.
  • Overstock Pays U.S. Taxes in Cryptocurrency: The major online retailer and long-time friend of cryptocurrency will be paying its Ohio, USA taxes in Bitcoin. Ohio is the first state in the U.S. to offer this feature and is a sign that cryptocurrency acceptance is growing. Taxes and cryptocurrency have been a tricky issue since each government agency has its own interpretation and very little guidance has been issued.
  • Ethereum Classic Suffers Potential 51% Attack: Coinbase recently reported that they noticed a consolidation of hashpower to over 51% on ETC and the presence of double-spend attacks and a deep reorganization on the network. However, ETC developers are persistent that only hashpower consolidation occurred and double-spends and reorganization never happened. Nevertheless, the event highlights the threats of 51% attacks, especially on smaller coins. Dash has been working on Chainlocks as a way to provide further security against these types of attacks.

Dash Counter-FUD of the Week:

  • 51% HashPower Wallet Claims: This week, some cryptocurrency news outlets were reporting that a few Dash wallet addresses owned 51% of Dash mining hashrates. Dash Core Group has conducted some analysis and determined that concerns should be tempered since insights indicate that these miners do not have malicious intentions. Plus, Dash’s InstantSend capabilities, which will soon be automatic, requires a reorganization of 24 blocks. Additionally, Dash has ChainLocks on the horizon, which will provide Dash with greater security against 51% attacks than any other coin.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Kurt Wuckert and Matthew John on Bitcoin Hash War, SV, Dash Adoption, Bear Market Trading: The guys from the popular Crypto Traders Pro platform sit down with Joël to chat about cryptocurrency adoption, including Dash’s singular progress in this field. They also discuss the Bitcoin Cash Hash war, the fallout, and how to trade in a bear market.
  • Joël Valenzuela Crypto Brew Show Appearance: Joël made a guest appearance on the Crypto Brew Show to discuss his appearance at World Crypto Con on the banking the unbanked panel. They also discussed Joël’s ability to live without a bank account and just on Dash, as well as cryptocurrency adoption and Dash innovation.
  • Dash Podcast: Episode 86 with Chris Adam: This week, the three amigos chat with Dash Core Group UX Designer about the goals and structure of the DashPay app, the progress made so far, and the outline for the future. Make sure to check this out since you do not want to miss this knowledge!

The new year is off to an amazing start with innovative announcements, developments, and integrations. Make sure to follow all of our social media accounts to stay up to date on new Dash advancements in the pipeline! We cannot wait to see what marvelous Dash News awaits us next week!