This week has been yet another fantastic week for Dash with great announcements, integrations, and developments. Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Launches New Website Refresh With User Flows, Roadmap: Dash Core Group has launched a new Dash website that features a refreshed look and exhibits all of Dash’s new branding from the ground up. The website is also intended to be a new dynamic stream of information, as opposed to the last website that was more static with only periodic updates. User flow is emphasized in the new website to clearly funnel visitors to their respective categories whether it is individuals, businesses, developers, and/or communities. Finally, the website also features Dash’s new roadmap, which details Dash’s developments and and future milestones, including Evolution.
  • Dash Trust Protectors Candidate List Released: The Trust Protector Candidates for the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust has officially been announced. The 6 Trust Protectors that will be elected over the next month will be entrusted with ensuring the Dash Core Group is carrying out the network’s wishes.
  • What Are Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables?: Check out the second article in a new series from Dash Researcher Darren Tapp where he explores Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables. Bloom filters and IBLTs were both used by Gavin Andresen as a predecessor to the graphene block propagation protocol. Make sure to read the article in full to get a better summary of the subject.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Brazilian Exchange, CoinBene, Expands Liquidity With Dash Integration: CoinBene is based out of Brazil and services over 3 million individuals in more that 150 countries with only a 0.10% trading fee. CoinBene is able to attract users for having the lowest fees in Brazil, but still has a 1.25% fee for fiat withdrawal to a partner bank (Bradesco, Itaú and Santander) and 1.25% + R $ 9 for all other banks. Nevertheless, their integration highlights the importance of liquidity to decrease volatility and increase adoption.
  • Church’s Chicken Venezuela Offers Special Promotion for Paying With Dash: Church’s Chicken, the global top-four chicken restaurant chain, has been accepting Dash at 10 of their 13 Venezuelan locations and is now offering a promotion of a free side of fries with any purchase of a combo meal if the customer pays with Dash. The integration and promotion demonstrates the ability of Dash’s decentralized organization to cross collaborate since it was a combined effort of Dash Venezuela, Dash Core Business Development Team, and Dash New’s Isabel Barrios to promote the event. The promotion is also important to show how promotions can increase adoption by lowing the switching cost much like AnyPay offers DashBack for Dash payments at select merchants.
  • ChangeNOW Exchange Integrates Dash, Increases Confidential Trading: ChangeNOW is another cryptocurrency exchange, but enables seamless and quick exchanges between numerous cryptocurrencies without registration, much like Shapeshift used to allow before their membership requirements. They employ a unique algorithm to find the best exchange rate across multiple exchanges and add no fee of their own on top. However, they do ask for KYC/AML information if a transaction is flagged, but the user still retains the ability to decline the request, withdraw all their money, and the cryptocurrency address will be blacklisted. The exchange displays the importance of privacy despite more and more exchanges requiring KYC/AML information and how Dash allows consumers to retain privacy attributes within a single coin since they do not have to conduct exchanges to spend their money at merchants.
  • Herosphere Enables eSports Betting Via Dash: Dash Embassy D-A-CH recently got the eSports betting site, Herosphere, which currently has over 260,000 registered users and over 120,000 newsletter subscribers to integrate Dash. Herosphere currently supports three games and incentivizes users and game creators by distributing a portion of all winnings to these parties. The integration highlights the importance of creating real use cases so individuals are motivated to use cryptocurrency over other methods of payment.

General News of the Week:

  • Merchant Accepts Cryptocurrency for Four Years, Receives Zero Transactions: A locksmith in the UK has been willing to accept Bitcoin and Dash for over four years, but has not has a single transaction in cryptocurrency. They speculate that a lack of cryptocurrency knowledge by consumers and the slow and expensive transactions of Bitcoin as reasons for their zero transactions. However, they still see the advantages of cryptocurrency and are still willing to still accept Bitcoin, Dash, and possibly even other cryptocurrencies. Their experience emphasizes the importance of educating consumers and maintaining inexpensive and fast transactions, which Dash is accomplishing.
  • Shift Card Shuts Down, Reveals Importance of Direct Merchant Adoption: Shift Card enabled US customers to spend cryptocurrency directly from their Coinbase accounts and will be shutting down in April for unannounced reasons. However, they also specified that they will be relaunching at some point in the future. This is the latest of the many cryptocurrency debit/credit cards that have either shut down or faced troubled times, which emphasizes the need to achieve direct merchant adoption.
  • Coinomi Desktop Wallet Security Issue Discovered, Developers Claim Blackmail Attempt: The multi-coin and multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet recently had a security vulnerability revealed where the Google spell checker API leaks recovery seeds when restoring a desktop wallet from a previous existing seed. Coinomi later claimed they were blackmailed for 17 Bitcoin to not have the vulnerability disclosed, which they declined to do and instead patched the bug quickly to protect users’ funds. Coinomi has had a difficult history dealing with security researchers finding bugs and revealing them in controversial ways, which illustrates the importance of a bug bounty system like Dash has employed with Bugcrowd.
  • Elon Musk Says Crypto Hodlers ‘Deserve a Nobel Prize,’ Mining Energy Consumption Worrying: Elon Musk has recently praised the advantages of cryptocurrency over paper money in transmitting value and avoiding currency controls, but still discussed the downsides of cryptocurrency in terms of energy consumption. He later clarified that he only owns 0.25 Bitcoin, which says a little about which cryptocurrency he believes will succeed in achieving larger adoption.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Dash Podcast Episode 93 with Chuck Williams: Chuck Williams, former Dash developer and now co-host of ‘The Crypto Show’ and EQUA Start member, joins the three amigos this week to discuss his time at Anarchapulco and the overall public impression of Dash. The guys also discuss Dash Ventures, its method for distributing profits, and the upcoming Dash Trust Protectors election. Make sure to tune in to not miss this valuable knowledge.

Dash is continuing to steam ahead in 2019 to achieve more adoption among consumers and merchants to become everyday digital cash for average individuals. Dash is also focusing on accomplishing key roadmap goals, such as releasing the new website to properly inform new individuals that discover Dash. These are positive signs as Dash continues to rollout version 0.13 with version 0.14 and version 1.0 (a.k.a. Evolution) in the near future. Make sure to follow Dash News on all our social media outlets to be the first to get these latest developments.