This week has been another eventful week with more integrations, network news, and general happenings leading up to the Dash Platform Open House on Saturday. Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integration of The Week:

  • PagCripto Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange and Payment Processor Integrates Dash: The Brazilian over-the-counter trading desk, full cryptocurrency exchange, and merchant service, has now integrated Dash and partnered with Dash Dinheiro Digital to promote Dash in Brazil. The exchange touts its attention to security and its accessibility to new merchants to the space whom sometimes find it the hardest to start accepting cryptocurrency. PagCripto does this via a simple user interface and instantly converting crypto to fiat to make the exchange price risk less severe.

Dash Community Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Force Meetup Program – November 2019 Winners: This week, there were two Dash meetups held in West Africa. The meetup structure was also reorganized to incentivize more meetups. Stay tuned in to see how you can host your own meetup and potential win some Dash.

General News of the Week:

  • Vertcoin Suffers Second 51% Attack Showing Advantages of Dash’s ChainLocks: Vertcoin suffered its second 51% attack on December 1st where coins were double-spent and 603 blocks were replaced by the attacker’s transactions, which has raised further questions about PoW coins. It is believed that the attacker used NiceHash to conduct the attack since the price of Vertcoin’s Lyra2REv3 mining algorithm significantly increased on November 30th. The attack illustrates the advantages of Dash’s ChainLocks that mitigate these types of attacks.
  • DigiByte Delisted From Poloniex After Founder Calls Tron “Blatant Con-Job”: DigiByte’s founder, Jared Tate, got into a Twitter argument with the Poloniex exchange and its perceived favoritism for Tron due in part to its announcement of free listings for Tron-based assets. However, as a response, which was supposedly unrelated to the initial accusation, Poloniex announced it would be delisting DigiByte since it “is not qualified for our listing standard”. The potential conflict of interest shows that there is still a significant need for decentralized exchanges and how the cryptocurrency space can still be significantly swayed by influencers.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Ryan Taylor – Governance Isn’t Important Until It’s the Most Important Thing: Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor appeared on Michael Nye’s What Is Crypto Podcast to discuss how decentralized cryptocurrency governance is often ignored as non-essential until a serious problem occurs. Taylor highlighted that even “the absence of governance is governance” and that governance will always be there so it is best to design it consciously to function the best for the people it serves. So even within crypto, there is always governance whether it is through original founders, a group of miners, a group of coders, etc whereas Dash has structured governance around masternodes. The goal of masternodes is that they number enough to replicate the thoughts of the whole community and are sufficiently economically incentivized to represent the same desires as the wider Dash community.
  • Ryan Taylor Would Change Dash’s “Rigid” Governance System: On the same podcast, Taylor went on to discuss how he believes that Dash should restructure its governance model for masternodes, miners, and the treasury to “allow the network to flex between those three buckets and allocate more or less based on how large the budget is, what the security needs are, how many masternodes we need to incentivize in order to ensure that the network is decentralized and so on”. Taylor would also add in more detailed governance “to have an explicit decision-oriented proposal type” to go beyond the basic “yes/no” vote type that masternodes currently have.
  • New Book By Dash Nigeria Provides A Beginner’s Crash Course on Cryptocurrency and Dash: Dash Nigeria head Nathanial Luz has authored and published a cryptocurrency introduction book, “Digital Is the Cash” with a foreword by Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, to educate newcomers to the space. In the book, Luz discusses the background and history of money, modern days problems with current money, solutions that cryptocurrency provides, how Dash improves upon other iterations of cryptocurrencies, and other applications for blockchain technologies. The book is available for digital purchase on his website via Dash, Amazon Kindle, and hard copy in Nigeria.
  • Can You Survive on Cryptocurrency Alone? Joël Valenzuela on Lions of Liberty:  Joel appeared on the Lions of Liberty podcast hosted by Marc Clair about libertarianism, voluntaryism, anarcho-capitalism, and free thought, speaking about his journey to leave fiat currency for sound money like cryptocurrency and eventually living unbanked on Dash. They also discussed how Joel made the switch from living off of Bitcoin to Dash when the Bitcoin transaction fees spiked.
  • Dash Podcast 133 – High on Crypto with Kenn Bosak: This week, the guys welcome Kenn Bosak on the podcast to talk about what caused him to leave Bitcoin and move over to Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and other coins. They also discuss how to spend and save cryptocurrencies while dealing with the volatility, stablecoins, tokens, media creation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the upcoming Dash Platform Open House, and more. Make sure to tune in to get these valuable insights.

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