This has been an amazing holiday week for Dash with some great integrations and news! Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • AtomicPay for WooCommerce Plugin Facilitates Easier Dash Acceptance: AtomicPay, the decentralized cryptocurrency payment processor, now functions on the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. This now allows the 30% of websites that are built on WordPress to accept Dash payments for e-commerce. It is now one of the many options that merchants have when picking a cryptocurrency POS system. AnyPay, Spark, and QR.CR each offer unique features for merchants but they all offer an easier way for merchants to accept Dash.
  • Dash Nigeria Increases Merchant and Exchange Integrations: Dash Nigeria recently got two new online e-commerce merchants to accept Dash and simultaneously offer discounts to Dash users. They also referenced a recent announcement by a cryptocurrency-fiat exchange that soon plans to integrate Dash, which will further increase liquidity in the region. The integrations highlight the growing importance of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and how Dash is becoming easier to use as there are more places to acquire and spend Dash.

Dash Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Thailand Builds Community with Co-Hosted Christmas Event at WeWork: Dash Thailand hosted an end-of-year event at the WeWork in Asia Centre Tower, the center of Thailand’s financial district, to display Dash’s aligned values with startups, gain more adoption, and celebrate the fun 2018 cryptocurrency year. They even had nine Dash accepting merchants donate prizes for a raffle and had many entrepreneurs praising the evolutionary aspects of Dash. The overall event illustrated the importance of community in fostering adoption and how Dash is creating its own community.

Dash Recommendation of the Week:

  • Palm Beach Group Recommends Dash a Third Time: A subscription-only investment report put out by the investment group referenced ChainLocks as a reason for Dash’s coming success. The report discussed how ChainLocks, once implemented, will make Dash more secure than other coins against 51% attacks. Palm Beach Group has recommended Dash twice before, once citing Alt Thirty Six as a major merchant solution and InstantSend’s ability to make transactions as quick as consumers are currently accustomed to with other payment methods.

General News of the Week:

  • New Crypto ATM Patent Highlights Importance of Diverse Usability: Bank of America recently filed a patent for a crypto “ATM as a Service” device, which would offer fast transactions for cash and other items, such as gift registry transactions. The move brings to mind other ATMs that Dash has recently been integrated into such as CoinLogiq, CoinFlip, and Vault Logic, which each offer greater liquidity to Dash users in different regions. Crypto ATMs can also play a pivotal role for remitters that need to send money abroad but do not have the traditional bank accounts necessary to acquire cryptocurrency through online exchanges.
  • Over 15% of Americans Send Cryptocurrency Abroad: A new survey showed that 15.8% of Americans sent cryptocurrency out of the country. The value was behind traditional methods such as online payment services, money transfer services, and traditional wire transfers, but ahead of using a prepaid card, check/money order, and cash in the mail. While using cryptocurrency to quickly and securely send money abroad is rising, there are still barriers to advancing further, such as little education and weak merchant adoption. This is partly why Dash has been focusing so much on education and merchant adoption around the world.
  • Feature-Rich Platforms Increase Cryptocurrency Usability: A new all-in-one cryptocurrency management app was recently released that illustrated the rising trend of apps with one-stop usability to make consumers’ lives easier. Cryptocurrency offers many solutions, but making consumers crawl the internet to find them is not conducive to adoption. The trend helps validate Dash’s strategy of integrating Uphold directly into the Dash wallet and partnering with Kripto Mobile to sell phones with pre-downloaded Dash apps to make consumers’ lives easier.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Video News Recap: Check out Mark’s latest video news recap of Kripto Mobile, Bitnovo, Travala, Digifinex, Venezuela Adoption of over 2,500 merchants, and more! You do not want to miss this fun recap!
  • Dash Podcast On The Future of Dash’s Decentralized Governance: On the 84th episode of the Dash Three Amigos Podcast, the guys sit down with Yuri of Dash Nexus to discuss its current testing results and plans to soon go live. Listen in to hear what has been developed so far to improve the Dash governance model, user interface, and what is planned for the future.

It has been a marvelous holiday week for Dash with fantastic news, developments, and integrations! As Dashember comes to an end and 2018 transitions into 2019, it is easy to see how Dash had an outstanding year to reflect on and had too many developments to recap in this short article. Dash continues to innovate despite the bear market and is positioned well for the new year. Make sure to follow all of our social media accounts to stay up to date on new Dash developments, announcements, integrations, and news! We at Dash News cannot wait to see what 2019 holds!