This week continues to be another great week in Dash with awesome integrations, developments, and news! Continue reading to get a brief summary of the week.

Integrations of the Week:

  • Bitrefill Offers 10% Off Orders Paid with Dash: Bitrefill, the online merchant that sells gift cards and vouchers for cryptocurrencies, is continuing a partnership with Dash, but recently formally announced their 10% discount for all orders paid with Dash. The discount is only available for a limited time so head on over and check it out! Bitrefill is also rolling out a bill pay feature to allow customers to seamlessly pay their utility, mobile, internet, and other bills in cryptocurrencies. However, due to legal and logistical reason, the service is only offered in a limited number of countries so far so Bitrefill is not highlighting the feature and is instead focusing on gift cards and vouchers.
  • Paycent Allows Seamless Dash-to-fiat Conversion: Paycent released a development news update about their Dash integration to allow users to seamlessly convert between Dash and fiat and in their Hybrid App. This paired with their debit card vastly increases the number of locations where consumers can make purchases via Dash. Paycent’s feature is already in the market, which is way ahead of Bakkt, which has been in the news lately for also wanting to allow easy conversion between cryptocurrencies and fiat to increase cryptocurrency usage and adoption. The development dynamic displays how Dash is able to focus on consumer and merchant adoption with its own partnerships and not be reliant on mainstream third parties.
  • Dash Funded Cannabis Research Provides Opportunity to Improve Seed-to-Sale Tracking: Dash is continuing a partnership with Medicinal Genomics to map a higher quality cannabis genome. The main goal of the project is to map enough of the genome to prevent large companies from patenting specific marijuana strains, but a secondary benefit is that the increased cannabis genome knowledge can help improve dysfunctional seed-to-sale tracking systems. This adds additional informational layers to Dash’s partnership with Alt Thirty Six to become the cryptocurrency of choice for the marijuana industry by providing solutions to the problems plaguing merchants and consumers.

Dash Growth News of the Week:

  • Dash Continues Expansion in Venezuela: This week the Venezuelan government announced plans to start using the the Petro cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit. The expansion of the government’s cryptocurrency warrants a discussion about the massive expansion that Dash has seen in the country. Dash is now accepted by over 900 merchants in the country! Dash is being adopted so quickly since its low transaction costs provide a stable currency solution for individuals suffering from inflation in the country. Dash Venezuela, Dash Help, Dash Merchant, and others have been integral in spreading awareness of Dash throughout the country.
  • Bitmain Owns 70% As Much Dash As Bitcoin As of March: The cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer is planning an IPO and recently disclosed its cryptocurrency holdings. Bitmain’s Dash holdings rank third behind Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but above Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The development sends a strong signal that the large cryptocurrency player has strong confidence in Dash and its ability to achieve large adoption and increase in value.

Analyses of the Week:

  • Coinbase CEO Believes Crypto Adoption Will be Driven By Coming Economic Crisis: Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, predicted an economic crisis over the next 3-5 years, which he believes could spur greater cryptocurrency adoption. Dash has exemplified this theory since it has seen rapid adoption in the everyday lives of Venezuelans suffering from horrible inflation and economic conditions caused by their own government. Dash is able to provide confidence to consumers that they will be able to retain their purchasing power when their own government fiat fails to provide that option.
  • Market Price Declines Highlight Importance of Dash’s Real World Adoption: The broad reaching market sell-offs highlights the importance of having real world adoption and usage so the price of cryptocurrency is not only baseless speculation. Dash is able to backup its exchange price with real world adoption and usage, which has allowed it to appreciate compared to other coins over the past five years. Dash’s focus on becoming an everyday payment method allows Dash to give users and investors more confidence in its value.

Dash Funded Culture of the Week:

  • Forbes Highlights How Dash can Help Fund Artists: A Forbes article has resurfaced on social media that highlights how Dash helped fund the blockchain thriller, HardFork. The article went further into discussing how Dash and cryptocurrencies can help fund various artists and entertainment industries. Another example of Dash helping artists is Feedbands, which is an online music streaming and subscription service that leverages Dash’s record low transaction costs to allow artists to keep 99.99% of their revenue. This displays how Dash can help individuals searching for artistic recognition and income, in addition to individuals looking for monetary and financial freedom.

Interview of the Week:

  • Three Amigos Interview Eugenia Alcalá from Dash Venezuela: This week, the three amigos chatted with Eugenia about Dash’s rapid adoption in Venezuela and how Dash makes a difference in the everyday lives of individuals in the country. She also discussed what led her to discover Dash and motivated her to champion Dash’s adoption in Venezuela to help her fellow citizens. Head on over to get some first-hand knowledge about Dash adoption and usage in Venezuela!

As always, we hope that our content and coverage was informative and enjoyable this week. Be sure to regularly visit the site and our social media pages to see additional content that is always being rolled out. We cannot wait to see what awesome Dash News awaits us next week!