This week continuous to be another week filled with integrations, developments, and other happenings that help set Dash apart from the crowd. Continue reading below to get a summary of the week!

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Cryptocurrency Management and Exchange Platform, Change, Integrates Dash: Dash Embassy DACH recently got Change, an app that enables consumers to easily manage many of their cryptocurrencies and will soon be introducing a crypto payment card, to integrate Dash. Change wants to make cryptocurrencies as easy to use as possible and is currently accomplishing this via a user friendly app and not even charging fees. Change acts as a custodian with users funds, but still allows consumers to send their crypto off the platform, which other cryptocurrency trade facilitators like Square Cash or Robinhood do not allow.

Dash Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Hashrate Reaches New All-Time High, Beating November Record: The Dash hashrate recently reached 3.2385 petahashes on April 19th which breaks the previous record of 3.237 petahashes reached in early November of 2018. At the time of the new record, the Dash exchange price was around $124 USD which is actually lower than the exchange price of $154 USD during the previous hashrate record. Overall, the Dash hashrate has remained relatively stable despite a large price decline from Dash’s previous high, which illustrates miners’ willingness to dedicate resources in expectation of future Dash price appreciation.
  • Analyzing Preliminary Dash Merchant Transaction Data in Five Top Countries: More Dash POS providers have been incorporating anonymous transactional data collection into their services and releasing the data for public analysis. While this is still only a small percentage of overall Dash activity, it gives detailed insights into how Dash is actually being used at merchants for payments. New Hampshire, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Thailand were the countries that could offer some of theses insights. Overall, it appears Dash communities play a significant role in driving Dash usage, but compared to other coins, Dash has a much more reasonable median transaction value indicating that it is being used for everyday payments rather than only large or micro payments.
  • Dash Reaches New Security High, Ranks As a Top Most Decentralized Coin: Data from CryptoID shows that no single mining entity controls more than 23% of the Dash hashrate and the top two together control 44%, which places Dash among one of the more decentralized coins. Data from Are We Decentralized Yet? further supports this conclusion since Dash is at the top of known decentralization of coin supply with just 15% in the top 100 accounts, ahead of Bitcoin and Tezos. Dash stands to become even more decentralized when considering its recently created DAO Irrevocable Trust and the soon-to-be released ChainLocks, which provides further protection against 51% attacks.
  • Dash Retail Releases Merchant Transaction Tracker, Fiat Conversion Rates API: The DAO Treasury funded proposal adds to the open-sourced project, Spark, to build a POS app, a merchant transaction tracker and statistics page, and a conversion rates API to provide a uniform and accurate conversion rates to various fiat currencies. Dash Retail is aiming to solve volatility, which is one of the biggest issues surrounding merchant adoption by instantly converting Dash to a stablecoin that will subsequently be converted to fiat payout by their local adoption team.

General News of the Week:

  • Cryptocurrency Subreddit Implements Content Whitelist, Singles Out Dash News for Exclusion: /r/CryptoCurrency has created a “whitelist” upon which news organizations must submit an application and receive approval from moderators in order to post news related content to the forum. Omar Bham, a prominent cryptocurrency news YouTuber, sharply criticized the censorship decision, calling the forum “lost”. One of the forum’s moderators and prominent Monero community member, Justin Ehrenhofer, specifically singled out Dash News in the decision. The bias censorship brings back memories to /r/bitcoin allowing pro-offchain discussions, while censoring pro-scaling discussions during the scaling debate. However, Omar Bham has created a new forum /r/crypt0snews to enable freedom in crypto news discussions.
  • 300% Increase in Mixed Cryptocurrency Transactions Signal Consumer Demand for Privacy: New data from Longhash shows that ‘Coinjoin’ mixed transactions are up 300% over the last nine months, illustrating a demand for increased privacy by consumers. Services like Wasabi Wallet for Bitcoin and CashShuffle for Bitcoin Cash allow consumers to obfuscate their transaction data by mixing together their funds with other funds prior to sending. Dash improves upon other mixing services by building it into the network and offering up to 16 rounds of mixing.
  • Australian Cryptocurrency Scams on the Rise, but Still Remain Small Percentage of All Scams: In a report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) cryptocurrency scams within the country were up to $6.1 million AUD in 2018, a 190% increase from the $2.1 million AUD reported in 2017. However, there were only 674 reports of cryptocurrency scams of the total 177,516 scams reported to the ACCC indicating that cryptocurrencies are still only a small percentage of all scams committed.
  • E*Trade and TD AmeriTrade Reportedly Entering Cryptocurrency Market: Two reports emerged that E*Trade and TD AmeriTrade will be entering the cryptocurrency markets in a limited capacity. E*Trade is reported to be preparing to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum trading to its customers with plans to offer other cryptocurrencies in the future. A trader on TD Ameritrade noticed the ability to trade Bitcoin on their paper trading application, but it later appeared to be isolated to the paper trading feature and customer support denied knowing about the feature.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Ryan X. Charles and Kurt Wuckert Jr. on #DelistSV Bitcoin SV Delisiting and Implications: After Bitcoin SV got banned from multiple exchanges, Joël gets both sides of the story from Ryan X. Charles, CEO of Money Button, and Kurt Wuckert Jr. of Crypto Traders Pro. They discussed the degree to which Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre represented the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and if action was really necessary and justified. They also talked about the precedent the action sets for other exchanges and coins.
  • Emin Gün Sirer on #DelistSV Bitcoin SV Delisiting, Regulation, and Implications: Joël interviews Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell University professor and CEO of Ava Labs, to further explore his thoughts on many exchanges recently delisting Bitcoin SV. They talked about the role of free markets to keep bad actors out and self-regulate, but also the intrusion of governments in sectors that refuse to self-regulate. They also discussed barriers to entry, how keeping a professional image is integral to mass adoption, and proof-of-work limitations and Ava Labs, which is a new project to address the issue.
  • Dash News Recap – Alt36 Cannabis, YouHodler,, eToroX, Wikileaks, Litecoin vs Dash & More!: If you missed the last couple weeks of Dash news, then make sure watch the Dash News Recap video with our new presenter, Heidi Chakos!
  • Dash Podcast 102 – Feat. Demelza Hays Cryptocurrency Asset Management Research Analyst: After getting disconnected during her previous appearance, Demelza makes another appearance in full to discuss the unclarity of Ripple, her cryptocurrency research, the relationship between hashrate and exchange price, the relationship between gold and Bitcoin, stablecoins and cryptocurrency debit cards. They also talked about the Lightning Network and how it still does not completely solve the problems with Bitcoin’s transaction costs and speeds. Demelza also talked about the economics of it not being absolutely necessary to put a store of value and medium of exchange in the same asset in order to allow a coin to scale and actually be used as a medium of exchange. Make sure to watch to get some valuable knowledge, insights, and more!

Each week continues to be another impressive week for Dash integrations, developments, and general news thanks to its value proposition of being digital cash to consumers and merchants. Make sure to follow all of Dash News’ social media channel to stay up-to-date with all the future news.