This week has been another fantastic week for Dash with numerous integrations, developments, and announcements! Continuing reading for a summary of the week.

Dash Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Text Expands SMS-enabled Dash Payments to Colombia, Strengthens Remittance Corridor: The popular service that allows Venezuelans to send Dash to each other via text messages and even continued to work while other POS services failed during recent Venezuelan blackouts will now be expanding to Colombia. The Dash Text team prioritized Colombia for expansion due to the fact that 59% of Colombians do not own smartphones, much like the 60% of Venezuelans and that Colombia has a high percentage of Venezuelans that could be interested to send remittances back home to family and friends.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Brazilian Exchange 3xbit Integrates Dash With InstantSend Support: 3xbit will now support Dash traded against 10 different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. 3xbit will also support Dash InstantSend, which is now available for nearly all transactions by default, but is still dependent on the specific vendor to recognized the transaction as being secured and displaying that status to consumers. 3xbit joins a growing list of Brazilian exchanges that are rapidly supporting Dash, which is rapidly helping increase liquidity in the country.
  • Largest P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace in Europe Adds Dash: claims over 775,000 customers and now allows consumers to buy and sell Dash against Bitcoin since they will hold the other parties’ Bitcoin until the Dash transaction is complete. This is a familiar service for the exchange since they previously offered it with euro-to-Bitcoin trading. The integration will allow for more price movement differentiation against Bitcoin, which is required for a maturing market rather than everything simply following Bitcoin’s price movements.
  • WisePass Integrates Dash to Provide Consumers with Enhanced Choices: WisePass offers consumers a lifestyle subscription service where they can get access to a daily sampling of various items for a monthly fee. Dash Embassy Thailand recently got them to accept Dash for their “one-time Pass” and are hoping to integrate Dash for more of their services in the future. The integration illustrates Dash’s rapid growth in Thailand and will help increase the number of consumers visiting merchants asking if they accept cryptocurrency, which is required to increase real-life usage.
  • eToro Launches eToroX Exchange With Dash Support and 8 Fiat Stablecoins: eToro’s new licensed cryptocurrency exchange, eToroX, will be supporting Dash among other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat. eToro has recently been involved in a few studies illustrating younger generation’s acceptance of cryptocurrency over traditional finance and aims to capitalize on that to increase Dash and cryptocurrency adoption. The exchange will not only offer more liquidity, but will also offer more competition as major exchanges are starting to delist coins.

General News of the Week:

  • Graphene V2 Report Shows Mass On-Chain Scaling Progress, 1GB Blocks Possible on Basic Hardware: New research and improvements by the Graphene team has focused on various security and performance improvements in phase 1 and failure recovery and mempool synchronization in phase 2. During their research they were able to achieve an overall mean compression rate of 0.995, including a mean compression rate of 0.998 for blocks with more than 1000 transactions and a compression rate of 0.999 for the largest block of 2545 transactions. One of their researchers, Andrew Stone, highlighted that while cryptocurrency is not going to “be using 1GB blocks tomorrow, but the fact is that a relatively inexpensive computer today can do so”, which balances scalability and decentralization. Dash is pursuing a similar goal of increasing scaling while also remaining decentralized as the research team at Arizona State University recently showed that Dash can scale up to 10 MB, which is the equivalent of 40 MB on Bitcoin due to Dash’s 2.5 minute block intervals versus Bitcoin’s 10 minute block intervals and could rival the transaction count of PayPal.
  • Binance Delists Bitcoin SV, Shows Market Influence As Price Crashes: The top three cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted volume and nearly $1 billion in trading volume over a 24 hour period has decided to delist Bitcoin SV due to a review that took into consideration various attributes of the coin and its contributions to the space. Not too long after, Shapeshift decided to do the same with other exchanges considering similar actions. The action was largely due to the the flamboyant actions of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, but some have called into question the ability for market leaders to pick and choose winners in the space.
  • Study Shows Cryptocurrency Adoption Increasing with Endowment 94% Adoption Rate: A new study that had a sample make up of 89% in the United States and the rest in the United Kingdom and Canada showed that endowments are heavily invested in cryptocurrency and 50% planned to increase their positions over the next year and only 7% planned to decrease their positions. Since endowments are usually only concerned with long-term wealth preservation and growth, the data helps provide more confidence to the crypto sector that many investors see the space continuing to be around and grow into the future.
  • Bank of America’s Latest Feature Advances Transition from Mainstream Banking to Cryptocurrency: A reddit user showed an internal image of Bank of America’s software showing online cryptocurrency training. The reveal lines up with previous Bank of America’s statements that admitted that cryptocurrency is a threat to their business model and they want to find a way to adapt. This also brings attention to the fact that cryptocurrency is starting to see more adoption among traditional finance actors since cryptocurrency entrepreneurs are beginning to offer banking services like lending and borrowing.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Isabel Buys Cookies & Brownies with Dash at Chip-a-Cookie in Caracas, Venezuela: Isabel continues her journey of showing the wide acceptance of Dash in Venezuela paying with Dash at Chip-a-Cookie in Caracas. Make sure to check out her video to see how easy it is to use Dash to make everyday purchases and then head over to to see what locations are accepting Dash near you.
  • Davinci Jeremie on Crypto Trading, Precious Metals, Dash, and Bitcoin Scaling: Joel chats with the veteran trader and developer, Davinci Jeremie, of the Davinci Codes about his journey from socialism to free markets, his transition from the stock market to precious metals and cryptocurrency, and his “big tent crypto” approach. They also talk about the development of Pandora’s Wallet to enhance trading features that enable traders to better control their funds and private keys.
  • Dash Episode 100 with Ivan Shumkov – Dash Drive Developer from Dash Core Team: This week, the three amigos chat with Ivan Shumkov about Dash Drive, Evolution, and the other features that will allow Dash to implement a decentralized shared database system for decentralized applications (DApps). They talk about how Dash Drive and Dash DApps came to use IPFS, what features it will offer, and how it differs from other projects pursuing a similar strategy. Make sure to tune in to get this valuable knowledge.

Dash continues to gain major integrations thanks to its evolutionary technology developments within the already revolutionary cryptocurrency sector. Dash is focusing on providing everyday digital cash to individuals seeking monetary and financial independence around the world. As Dash continues to focus on growing and expanding, the network will continue to release evolutionary features and integrations. Make sure to follow Dash News’ social media channels to get the breaking news first.