This is a video repost featuring Chuck Williams interviewing Danny of the Crypto Show about his new Dash proposal up for voting. Recorded at PorcFest in New Hampshire.

“The Digital Cash Evolution” by The Crypto Show Expands to 4 Major Markets Miami, Houston And San Francisco On Bloomberg Business News.Phoenix on Independent Talk (Conservative News)

The Crypto show is moving out of the echo chamber of Crypto media and into major markets to reach actual new users. We’ve already taken on a new show in Phoenix Arizona that focuses on an intro to Crypto. We educate the listeners on general terminology and Crypto as well as wallet set up. We utilize Dash and its features to introduce crypto to people.  Most of our listeners have no experience with cryptocurrency and we want their first experience to be with Dash.  Callers who set up wallets get free Dash and beginner training classes. We’ve already had tremendous success creating meet-ups in the Phoenix area.  I’ve included weekly informal meetings at a local pizza shop that accepts Dash.  I encourage the listeners to come out after the show to meet us for a basic intro.

Proposal Link:

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