Over the past weekend I attended the Texas Bitcoin with a team representing Dash. In our group we had Pete and Amanda of Dash: Detailed fame, Brian the Dash swag-er extraordinaire, myself, and Jeremy from strategic Dash partner Alt Thirty Six. Two Dash ATMs were present, and all kinds of swag were distributed to attendees hungry to learn about Dash. In addition to running the table, I was able to participate in a series of talks and media appearances, as well as a continuation of Amanda’s renowned #FirstDashWallet campaign.

First, I delivered a talk on Dash titled “The Digital Cash Revolution No One’s Talking About” where I covered my personal journey to cryptocurrency and Dash, as well as the reasons I was excited for the future of Dash in particular as it spreads rapidly across the world.

Next in officially-scheduled appearances, I took part in the media panel discussion where we covered all sorts of topics related to cryptocurrency, in particular the role of media and information dissemination in the space:

I appeared on an episode of the Crypto Show, one of the prime organizers of the conference and proudly sponsored by the Dash network, to talk about the amazing things happening with Dash lately. The episode will linked when uploaded.

I joined fellow New Hampshire denizens Ian Freeman and Mark Edge, hosts of Free Talk Live (also sponsored by Dash), for a discussion on the conference, Dash, and in particular New Hampshire’s concentrated Dash scene. You can listen to the podcast here.

I also joined Blockfrieght and CryptoHWwallet for an impromptu post-conference recap and general cryptocurrency discussion:

Finally, I had the pleasure of setting up 19 new Dash users with their first Dash wallet, and gave each of them $10 worth of Dash to get started, in exchange for a selfie with the new wallet as “proof of work” that I was doing my job: