Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April  Owner: julianhosp (added on 2017-03-29) 305 DASH ($84.26/D) approximately $25,700 at date added. Votes: 773 Yes / 118 No / 40 Abstain.  The pre-proposal thread is 10 pages long at the time of writing.  Dr. Julian Hosp (julianhosp) has been very active responding to just about every question.

During this same timeframe TenX where Julian is a co-founder had also been in the process of doing an ICO which just successfully completed on June 24.  They raised 200,000 ETH. The details are not yet published but that seems to be worth near $60,000,000 (@$300/ETH).  This was raised to work on their debit cards and their new Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network (COMIT).

The Dash treasury request said the card would be ready by Mid-April.  It is now over 2 months behind that original date and should be “coming any day now” so we are told.  At this point there is a Bitcoin debit card and an android app but that existed before the proposal was submitted (and was taken off line for all users for reissue).  Currently the card is available in most countries except the USA where I (and most of our readers) live so I have no way to personally determine how well it works.  Below is the status for the android app on the play store from June 25th where the status of the app shows “unreleased”.

Below are screen-shots and quotes from some of the 10 pages of comments on the pre-proposal thread on the Dash forum.  It’s sad that this project delivery has slipped and slipped as many people really want a low cost working Dash debit card.

Here is the original pre-proposal posting from March 24, 2017.

The original fees proposed are pretty fair.


For a virtual card (to use online only), we charge 1x 1.5 USD

For a physical card we charge a 1x 15 USD order fee

Afterwards there are NO ANNUAL fees, as long as you spend at least 250 USD within 12 months. Else, we charge 1.5 USD.

We are thereby the cheapest provider by far and we can only offer this as we develop everything in-house.

March 24 – Why this card will be great.  I like the fact that your funds stay in crypto until you actually spend them.

Great question: First of all we do NOT rely on a third party. We take care of everything end-to-end. AFAIK Charlie Shrem uses Payza and users need to order the card through them. He has zero control of that. We have 100% control of every one of our steps and at the end, that gives certainty to our users and our proposal that we will do what we say we do.Our cards are NOT funded by fiat, however by crypto. This is quite unique as this means you can use our card in any country, paying any currency without limitations. You do NOT rely on USD or EUR or any other fiat. We are 100% Dash!Also, we can have Dash live within a few weeks, NOT months… because we are an experienced team already.This reflects in the entire fee structure, speed and reliability of our service.Looking forward to further questions! Regards Julian

#3Dr. Julian Hosp, Mar 24, 2017

March 24 – TenX does not do KYC checks and the cards are shipping all over the world.

At this very moment we do not do KYC checks as a standard process. That is why right now, we discourage not necessarily prohibit US users, to get our TenX cards. Saying that, this is an issue we are actually solving with lawyers these very days, as we feel we are on the safe side, but rather safe than sorry.

We are shipping cards all over the world nevertheless and we do see a clear road to offer these DASH Debit cards also to US users.

Verifying our legitimacy it depends on what you are looking for exactly:

  • That we guys exist? Happy to do a live broadcast with our team.
  • That our app works? Just download it and try our app with Bitcoin on Android.
  • That we can handle the Dash integration? We’ve had a few Dash Masternodes live for quite some time already. The actual integration into our app is similar to Bitcoin, as Dash is a fork. So the RPC is the same.

I personally do not know @babygiraffe, but happy to get “verified” through her/him.

Let me know if any further questions, happy to answer.

March 24 – TenX uses the Poloniex exchange for pricing and will add InstantSend.

Thanx for your questions.
Dash to fiat, correctly.
We use Polo.
Instantsend will get integrated.

March 24-27  – We have a few verified happy customers of the virtual card – it works using Bitcoin.

At this very moment I made a purchase in google play using the virtual card .. it worked. .comprei 500 gems clash of clans


I checked your service with bitcoin and loaded some to my new created account. User experience with the app was very good – everything went smoothly.
Even though I’m not thrilled that dash has to pay to be integrated, I think it is a good complement to our eco system. I would support this proposal with my votes.

Just tested the virtual card with an online $CAD transaction and it sailed through without any problems.
The system charged BTC virtually at a very reasonable rate (close to the Coindesk CAD rate) with no further currency exchange fees.
I’m liking this! Now that BTC is up a little today, the balance on my card has gone up too. It stays crypto until the moment you spend. Good stuff.
It’d be nice to see an option where we can choose to spend BTC or DASH from our balances from the app the way wallets usually work to completely stay away from any fiat conversion when at a merchant that accepts crypto. You got my vote.

#129hlooman, Mar 27, 2017

March 28 – We should have an IOS and web based version by the end of May.

Hey @Dima WebApp and iOS will be ready in 6-8 weeks. One of the reasons we raised money traditionally was to offer this. I have an iphone too, so trust me when I say WE WANT IT BAD :)

#149Dr. Julian Hosp, Mar 28, 2017

March 29 – The proposal goes live

IMPORTANT: The voting is live:

gobject vote-many 3acfe51600f862fc3493a7183cc65f3fbcaae2f2db7fc5acd7cdc1137a3d20ef funding yes

#154Dr. Julian Hosp, Mar 29, 2017

March 31 – We are going to set started ASAP and not even wait for proposal approval.

Update: We do not need to wait for the payout to get started, as soon as we have enough YES votes we will hire 1-2 extra developers and get started. We should have a working prototype by the end of the 2nd week of April and everything running by the end of the 3rd week of April.


#165Dr. Julian Hosp, Mar 31, 2017

April 5 – You can only order a card from the android app not from the website and they ran out of cards.

You can only do it through our Android APP. We had so many card orders in the last week, that we are out of cards right now. Should be back in a few days though. You can still download the app and use it though. http://www.tenx.tech/wallet.html

#171Dr. Julian Hosp, Apr 5, 2017

April 12 – System downtime notice.  We will only reactivate cards in Singapore – ETH and Dash will be available to our “beta testers” soon.

From email:

 April 13 – We are working on Dash and ETH – everything should be on time.
Super8 said:

Your card should arrive and also the app should open. If you really have tech issues, please send an e-mail to team@tenx.tech We are working on the DASH integration this very moment and since Ethereum has to go live as well, as we were paid by an investor for that, we are full on. The e-mail you are referring to went out an e-mail ago. Everything should be on time.

April 15 – ETH next week and Dash right afterwards – lots of compliance questions for Mastercard about Dash.

No, not ready yet. We are expecting to have ETH up next week and DASH right afterwards. We had a lot of compliance questions from Mastercard with DASH, so we have to see about the exact roll out. We might have to limit the usage in some way at the beginning. No other provider is offering DASH directly, so let’s see what we can do.

#189Dr. Julian Hosp, Apr 15, 2017

April 20 – ETH has been added – legally mandated update has been completed. Dash next week – still only in Singapore.

News from email:

Jun 4 – We are waiting for the new cards to be delivered – should arrive any day – then we can offer them outside Singapore.  ICO token sale is at end of June – everything will roll out before that.

Yes. Right now everything is done from our side and DASH is working. We are waiting for the new cards that should arrive any day and then we can open up the offers. In Singapore we are not allowed to offer anything, we don’t have yet. So we actually have to wait till we have the cards in our own hands. Our token sale is end of June, so we definitely are determined to sending everything out before.

#210Dr. Julian Hosp, Jun 4, 2017

June 6 – TenX made offer to add Pivx to debit card towards end of June. It’s just business if Pivx can pay we will add them.

ummm, then how do you @Julian explain this statement on the pivx slack?

Care to explain this?

June 6 –  We understand your worries – the card will be available internationally (except US) this month.  You should still buy into our ICO even if you are disappointed by delays.

While I understand a lot of worries you have, I can tell you this:
– the card will be available this month globally (except for the US), as you might understand it is in our own interest anyways to have it asap
– the US has a lower priority on our list and here is why: regulators in the US are NOT friendly to crypto yet as many other countries are. The demand from 2nd world countries is way higher than from the US where most people have access to a banking and credit system. people in the US who own crypto, mainly (not all) own it for investment purposes

So, while we want it to be available in the US asap, it will probably happen in the timeframe of end of Q3/beginning Q4. This is to make sure we have an un-interrupted workflow with our debit card provider, users and token sale.

If that affects your decision about our token sale, you are thinking very short sighted. Yes, we have missed an exact deadline, but we have lived up to our promise and integrated DASH and we will make it available this month globally (aside of the US, which will follow in a few months).

June 16 – New cards have arrived – virtual cards are working now.  But I don’t see Dash?

Quick update:
1. New cards arrived. Doing some testing and we will probably let people order virtual and physical cards from Tuesday June 20th on. Virtual cards are working immediately of course, physical cards take around 3-10 days for shipping, depending where you live. You can order the cards on Tuesday simply from our TenX app.
2. We had a successful presale of our tokens and our tokensale will go live on June 24th (www.tenx.tech) Our developers have already integrated BTC, ETH, ERC20 and…. drumroll… DASH! So, to my knowledge we are the first to accept DASH (pls correct me if I am wrong).

Will shoot you an update in case anything changes but so far it looks all smooth.

PS.: Doing a FB Live on our FB Page right now in case you want to see our office & Q&A: www.facebook.com/tenxwallet

June 25 – my card should be arriving soon….

Same, though I expect it to get here tomorrow.

#299TheSingleton, Yesterday at 3:43 PM

Let’s all hope that as this article is published (tomorrow June 26) there will be an android app update with a real production status. A working wallet that can be loaded with Dash / ETH or Bitcoin and that the virtual cards work for all registered users and plastic cards are shipping and that the now required KYC is an easy process.   I will not be holding my breath but I do hope it is “coming soon.”™  United States customers are scheduled to have the card available in the 4th quarter of this year.