Dash Telegram Bot  Owner: balt –  added on 4/13/17  – 120 Dash ($70.80/D) approximately $8,500 at date added.  MN Votes: 873 Yes / 237 No / 82 Abstain.

Reviewing the Telegram Dash Wallet Bot gave me the excuse to finally setup and use Telegram.  It is pretty easy on both desktop (browser version) and my android phone. It resembles Slack so I was thinking I was going to see something like the “dashbot” on slack.  Reading both the pre-proposal discussion for Dash Telegram Bot and the proposal discussion I realized this was different.

The new Dash Wallet Bot thinks in Russian like it’s developers Alexandr K and Balt Terner – but speaks pretty good English. (I am jealous of multilingual people and bots).  This chart shows it’s functionality.

The real focus of the proposal is a peer to peer exchange of Dash.  It allows you to offer Dash for sale by various payment methods and the “bot” acts as guarantor.

It uses a menu system to navigate through the functions it provides.  There isn’t much real documentation yet but after a few tries it becomes clear.

This bot offers multi language and currency support.  They are working on a number of fiat currencies and Bitcoin.

There are both English and Russian Telegram groups for project updates.  They are still working on adding features.  I asked about simple “tip” functionality.

Alexandr K: In the near future, there will be an opportunity inside the bot to send someone money by sending a message like “send 0.1 @tguser”, but if this user is not a bot user yet – the bot can’t send a message to him about this transfer.

So yes to sending tips but each user has to setup the bot for themselves to create a wallet.  Which is more complex than the dashbot on slack – but is a good start.

Currently you can create a “voucher” and it works similar to a tip.  I was able to send Balt a small tip after he explained how it worked.  It is very simple in a one on one conversation.

Balt explained to me that Telegram has a very good API with many samples.  This project is using Python, MongoDB and node.js it is based off of this code.  

I asked Alexandr what got him interested in this project.

I want to live in a world where cryptocurrency is a ordinary tool for everyone. Not only for geeks, as now. Simple and fast. Services must be easy as hammer. And I hope that my work brings this future closer to us.

What is the current status of dashbot?  Is it in production? How many transactions have happened?

Production started 20 of May.  As I see, there was about 130 transactions of exchange DASH/fiat.  But it is only the beginning. Right now I working on one surprise function. I only just start coding, but it will be awesome (I hope) 🙂  I need about a month to make it.

Pretty good start – almost 10 exchange transactions a day.  I am sure it will grow as more people find out about it.