Swiss cryptocurrency exchange and security token platform SMART VALOR has integrated Dash, including a promotional 10% cash-back bonus, further quelling concerns of Dash being delisted from exchanges because of regulation-based fears.

Announced this week, Switzerland-based cryptocurrency and security token exchange SmartValor announced it had integrated Dash into its platform, including the addition of fiat currency trading pairs, facilitating the purchase of Dash in the country. According to Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR, Dash’s success as a global payments system weighed it heavily to inclusion early on:

“Today, our home turf, Switzerland was among the largest global wealth destinations. During the last century it has made its reputation as a safe haven and global custody for traditional assets. The same is true for Liechtenstein. With SMART VALOR platform being a Swiss company, operating an exchange through Liechtenstein subsidiary, we are opening the luxury of safe jurisdiction to investors in digital assets, Dash, being one of the most successful cryptocurrencies used as a means of payment around the world, was of course on the top of our list since the launch of the exchange.”

As part of this new partnership, SMART VALOR is offering a limited promotion. For certain Dash purchases on the plaform by the 2nd of October, users will receive a 10% cash-back bonus, providing a powerful incentive for new users to join and try purchasing Dash.

A strong message on Dash’s legal compliance

In addition to opening up new markets and new users in Switzerland, Dash Core Group CMO Fernando Gutierrez believes that the SMART VALOR integration will send a clear message to other industry actors that they can add Dash and have no fear of running afoul of financial regulations:

“Dash is digital cash for all payments, so having reliable and well-reputed fiat on and off ramps is a key part of our strategy. SMART VALOR opens a whole new set of possibilities in an important financial center like Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Given SMART VALOR’s focus on compliance, it also sends a strong message about Dash focus on being fully compliant with existing regulation, which is something very valuable for the industry.”

Other exchanges supporting Dash send a similar clear message about Dash’s compliance with financial regulations. The Blockchain Transparency Institute recently named a series of exchanges, notably Kraken and Coinbase, as some of the “cleanest” exchanges, reporting the least suspicious activity such as heavy wash trading. Coinbase recently added Dash, implicitly endorsing its security by trusting deposits after just roughly five minutes, 12 times faster than Bitcoin. The addition and heavy featuring of Dash’s special functionality on a growing list of respected industry platforms further sends a clear message to regulators that Dash is of no cause for special concern.