Rodrigo Ambrissi has released a second short documentary, chronicling the adoption surge that has happened in Colombia.

Ambrissi, head of the Dash-sponsored Dash Dinheiro Digital YouTube channel, has released a new short documentary on Dash’s activities in Colombia. In the short film he showcases the merchant adoption progress in Medellín, follows around adoption teams speaking to merchants, and showcases the various conferences that have taken place uniting the Dash leaders from across Latin America.

Colombia currently ranks third for total Dash-accepting merchant listings globally according to DiscoverDash, with 327 merchants across the country, ranking behind only the US and Venezuela. Combined, Latin America currently lists over 3,000 merchants, well over half of the nearly 5,000 known global total. George Donnelly, coordinator of Dash Colombia and Dash Latam, foresees Dash as a widely-accepted payment method in the region within the next half-decade:

“Within 5 years, Dash will be in active use in every country in Latin America because people just plain love it. They love being in control of their own money. Banks and governments in Latin America are not user-friendly. People are mobile and free. They need Dash because it crosses borders with them and helps them get paid right away outside of the government-controlled banking system, and know the transactions can not be reversed. Dash is making this happen right now, and we will never stop.”

The Latin American remittance corridor is a key target market for Dash, as its payments function without restrictions of national borders for a fraction of a cent each, while traditional remittance methods such as Western Union can be quite costly.

Colombia joins Venezuela as a growing Dash hotspot

Colombia joins Venezuela s one of the fastest-growing key areas for Dash adoption. At present, Venezuela claims over 2,600 Dash-accepting merchants country-wide, with a heavy concentration around the Caracas area. The early stages of this exponential growth were covered in a previous short documentary by Ambrissi:

According to Ambrissi, these short films were the product of spontaneous circumstances combined with his previous experience in TV production, particularly the result of traveling to numerous conferences around the world:

“I’ve done documentaries before late 90s when I was in college and working for a TV station in Brazil, and now as a Youtuber and traveling so much to speak at conferences, specially Venezuela, I had a lot of footage and I saw that this opportunity could be combined into something more then just a YouTube video format or interview. Plus, I got connected with the right people inside the Dash community in LATAM that invited my to those events to see what they are doing. It all happened organically. Did all this with no funds from the network.”

Ambrissi hopes that in the future he will be able to document Dash’s adoption gains in other key areas around the world:

“I would love to go to Africa and Thailand in the future if those communities start having more dash activities. Just to keep this as a series.”

Dash’s adoption increase nears critical mass as transaction data indicates more payments usage

Developments in Venezuela and Colombia make up part of a worldwide trend towards increasing Dash adoption. Transaction data analytics indicate that Dash diverges noticeably from other competing coins in likelihood of transaction volumes representing real purchases. Recently, Dash daily transactions also passed those of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, with median and average values indicating a higher percentage of small payment-related transactions.