Ryan Taylor has been promoted to CEO of the Dash Core Team as founder Evan Duffield moves to an advisory role, decentralizing the Dash ecosystem.

The Dash Core Team, long headed up by founder Evan Duffield, oversees the development of Dash, an integral part of the greater Dash DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The transition to Taylor as CEO frees up the founder to work on expanding other areas of the ecosystem. According to Duffield, this transition was long in the making and therefore relatively seamless:

“For the last several months, daily operations and technology development at Dash Core have been led by now-CEO Ryan Taylor and CTO Andy Freer. Our most recent software upgrade – deployed in February – was developed and released without my hands-on involvement. Thanks to the Dash Core, our developers, advisers, masternode operators and every single user around the world, the upgrade was the smoothest yet.”

Taylor sees his new role as an opportunity to utilize Dash’s impressive operating budget to develop the currency for maximum usability for the average person:

“The Dash Core team is committed to ensuring that we follow the grand vision Evan laid for Dash. Today, we have extensive resources in place to deliver that vision. Dash is fast becoming a popular payment option for many thousands of people around the world, and we look forward to announcing further progress in the near future as we create compelling and relevant solutions aimed at everyday people.”

No founding member now has any direct control over Dash’s development

This move completes a shift away from direct control over Dash’s development by any founding member. During the Dash Core offices open house in Scottsdale last month, Duffield announced that he had deactivated all his masternodes, meaning that he no longer has a direct vote in how Dash’s treasury is spent. He also pledged 80% of his personal wealth to community projects, on which he intends to focus his attention as Dash as a whole grows to reach as many people as possible.

The net result of this reorganization is that, while sole remaining founding member Duffield still plans on remaining active in Dash’s growth, and is incentivized to see it continue to succeed, no founder now controls Dash directly in any way. This move to further decentralize the currency also displays great faith in Dash’s future, Core team, and community.

Dash’s DAO decentralizes with multiple complementary entities

While Dash Core remains a large entity in the Dash ecosystem, it is by no means the only one. The Dash Force, parent organization of Dash Force News, is currently the second-largest organization in the Dash DAO, with three full-time members and six part-time. According to Duffield, a multi-entity DAO was part of the Dash vision all along.

“Since the beginning, my ambition was to create a sustainable and resilient blockchain project without any singular points of failure. Today’s announcement has been in development for many months, and I am proud to have helped Dash become the extraordinary project it is today.”

Taylor, who specifically mentioned the Dash Force in the forum post announcing his promotion, praised the Dash network’s growth and increasing decentralization:

“The beauty of a blockchain-based project is decentralization, the dispersion and distribution of functions and powers. Since its inception, Dash has been the benchmark of decentralized success; our unique governance model ensures an ownership mindset that is designed to improve the state and functionality of the Dash network and increase the network’s value. Together with Evan, we built the world’s first self-sustainable decentralized autonomous organization with a substantial organic budget, and there’s so much more to come.”