Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, appeared on the The Cryptoviser to discuss how various aspects of Dash, and in particular the upcoming Dash Platform, add value for consumers and merchants, specifically its focus on becoming everyday cash for users.

Taylor described Dash Platform, formerly codenamed Evolution, as a “decentralized API and basically data infrastructure that allows anyone to create an application that will store the data, the application data, within the Dash network and retrieve that information and interact with the network directly”. This will enable data contracts, which differ from smart contracts in that the data contract only stores the data resulting from the actual execution of the contract, rather than the execution itself. According to Taylor, the reason for this is to improve efficiencies and prevent undesirable “unstoppable code” scenarios. He then went on to discuss DashPay as one of the first applications on Dash Platform, which will serve as an example of Dash Platform’s potential by solving key merchant and consumer pain points:

“What Dash Pay enables a user to do is create a user name on the network, friend other users, have those users accept my friend request, and now we’re connected through the network. Now, I don’t have to type in long cryptographic addresses anymore to interact with you, I can send or request payments to your username. I can also store data like my profile information so when I’m sending a payment to a merchant, I can actually send my shipping address, my phone number, my email address; everything that I need without having to type everything in. That makes the payment methods more fluid and quicker.”

Taylor then went on to say how Dash Platform enables anyone to build applications that utilize these feature abilities to create even more useful services for consumers and merchants that will add to the feature set that Dash already provides.

Dash Platform’s full scope, as well as future potential as a store of value, showcased at open house

During a recent open house event in Scottsdale, Arizona, the full spectrum of Dash Platform’s features and potential were highlighted for potential developers ahead of the platform’s release on open testnet, dubbed “Evonet”, by the end of the year. Additionally, Taylor delivered a comprehensive presentation highlighting key structural reasons behind Dash’s underperformance as an asset over the last few years, reasons which also resulted in its overperformance during the 2017 market bull run. He finally proposed a list of possible solutions to this issue, including shifting away from relying on proof-of-work mining for security.