CEO and “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver shares his perspective on the Bitcoin brand, Bitcoin Cash’s hash war with SV, working on mass adoption, and whether chain splits are good for free market competition. He also mentions running a Dash node and investigates merchant directory DiscoverDash.

⏱ Video TimeStamps:
🚩 0:14 Was 2018 a bad year for crypto?
🚩 1:47 Has the market crash delayed adoption?
🚩 4:33 Bitcoin Cashers as the “second wave” of BTC refugees after Dash?
🚩 6:30 Did SV collect most of Bitcoin Cash’s maximalists?
🚩 12:58 Are BTC transaction counts recovering?
🚩 14:01 Are chain splits and new “superfluous coins” good for market competition?
🚩 17:40 Dash’s 2018 adoption gains
🚩 19:19 Roger running Dash version 0.13?
🚩 21:21 website working on privacy for Bitcoin Cash
🚩 21:43 Bitcoin Cash’s evolutionary approach and knowledge sharing with the Dash community
🚩 27:09 Why fight over the Bitcoin brand?
🚩 28:57 Can Bitcoin’s network effects be topped?
🚩 30:26 Has Bitcoin’s definition shifted in people’s minds away from P2P digital cash?
🚩 33:00 Will we see a world where a non-Bitcoin coin wins out?
🚩 34:45 Are there libertarians left in BTC?
🚩 37:21 How is the Japanese crypto scene?
🚩 38:40 Roger discovers
🚩 40:04 Bitcoin Cash neighborhood in Japan and merchant directory
🚩 42:11 Dash Evolution finally coming out