The new ridesharing platform, ABEE, will integrate Dash into their platform.

Dash Force News talked with ABEE about their new integration in terms of how it will help them achieve their goals and why they picked Dash. Their “primary focus is on creating robust and innovative rideshare technology that directly competes with Uber and Lyft. Through peer-to-peer payments from riders to drivers, while giving drivers substantially more for their work compared to the current competition.”

They plan to initially launch out of Arizona in the United States since it has ideal testing grounds to replicate real world scenarios and want to make sure they are compliant with regulations in each area they operate. They also plan to offer free rides and discounts, initially, to attract drivers and riders and have numerous online and offline advertising strategies planed. ABEE will also be coordinating with Dash Core Group at a catered event for “75,000 people where DCG will launch Dash ATM’s in conjunction with the event and simultaneously promote ABEE Rideshare.”

Motivations to use Dash and strategic advantages

Dash Force News asked ABEE what motivated them to pick Dash as their cryptocurrency of choice to integrate into the platform.

“Wanting to move away from credit and debit card payments from inception, the ABEE team was looking for a currency that best fulfilled our rider to driver payments. Naturally, Dash stood out as the most compelling for our use case because of the low transaction fees and instant send capabilities which mimic that of Visa and Mastercard transactions. With confirmations faster than that of the legacy payment system, DASH will be an excellent payment method for mainstream adoption.”

ABEE will leverage its Dash integration with its strategic innovations to provide consumers with a unique experience.

“The platform’s characteristics are designed to push the entire rideshare sphere into an experience the industry has never felt before. In addition to what is currently offered by rideshare companies, ABEE gives users and drivers the abilities to:

  • Build community through Favorite Drivers for reoccurring experiences
  • QR Code hailing for any riderless ABEE vehicle
  • Individually choosing any driver off the map
  • Giving drivers 95% of the total fare
  • Ability for users and drivers to vote on upgrades to the app
  • Offering drivers additional monetization methods through in-vehicle advertisement”

ABEE told Dash Force News how these innovations will set both ABEE and Dash apart from their competitors by leveraging the comparative advantages they are offering consumers.

“Dash will assist in providing the first cardless and crypto rideshare platform to the public. The learning curve for people new to cryptocurrencies can be lowered due to DASH’s ease of use and quick transactions. ABEE believes DASH to be the perfect payment method for ushering in the next evolution in the ridesharing economy.”

Dash fosters greater innovation

Entrepreneurs can feel confident in using Dash on their platforms since Dash is able to maintain record low transaction fess, fast confirmation times, and security. These entrepreneurs want the best possible service for their consumers and need a method of payment that they do not have to subsidize, but still allow consumers to have a cheap, fast, and secure way to buy their goods and services.

These features are made possible by Dash’s unique DAO incentive structures that allow for developers to be professionally paid to continuously maintain and improve the network. Then the masternodes, whom vote on proposals, ensure that the network is being properly maintained by the projects they are funding. The incentives of Dash form a virtuous circle that benefits all users of the Dash network.