For the past several months I have been reviewing the batch of proposals that get funded for the current month this has lead me to the idea to go back a year and look at the proposals from October 2016.

Dash Budget Proposals Oct 2016

For me using tools like Dash Ninja it is harder to get the full picture since previous to March of this year proposals were paid in individual blocks where now each months proposal payments are in one block which is easier to track.  I bring that up because I may have missed something.

Total Dash Treasury Budget Oct 2016

The first observation is the size of the overall budget a total of $86,000 where one year later Oct 2017 was close to $2,000,000.  The price of Dash on Oct 5th of 2016 was $11.97 where today it is $275 about 23 times higher.

75% of the Oct 2016 budget went to projects controlled by the “core” team but that only came to $64K.  In Oct 2017 the core team had enough reserves they did not enter any funding proposals.

The majority of the funding for projects was for development work @ $32K and a proposal for legal work was funded at $20K.  These projects account for over 60% of the total.

Marketing projects came in at $18K or 21% with two conferences for $15K at 17%.

Development Projects Oct 2016

Most of the projects were normal core funding for continued support of Dash.

The largest project @ 1,000 Dash was a non-core project to add Dash to the “Living Room of Satoshi” an Australian bill pay service. This project was successful and is still in operation.

Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to 45,000 billers in Australia
Owner: Living_Rm_of_Satoshi  – 1000 DASH  (added on 2016-09-05)
Votes: 997 Yes / 32 No / 0 Abstain

A large core team sponsored project funded during this cycle was the:

DASH-Lamassu ATM Integration
Owner: eduffield     Monthly amount: 610 DASH for 12 months
Payment start/end: 2016-01-07 / 2017-01-19 (added on 2015-12-28)
Votes: 1472 Yes / 481 No / 0 Abstain

This project funded a 3rd party development team to add Dash to Lamassu ATM machines.  While the project was funded for a full 12 months the integration was never actually finished. Reading through the comments there was a lot of dissatisfaction with how this project progressed. Coincidentally it seems that just recently this integration is in the final stages of being done by Lamassu.

Legal Services

Legal Part 2 (Oct)
Owner: babygiraffe 1733 DASH  (added on 2016-09-24)
Votes: 1275 Yes / 444 No / 0 Abstain

This $20K project provided a continuation of funding  for work being done by the PIllsbury law firm for:

1) Legal opinion on the treatment of masternode block rewards under the Internal Revenue Code
a. Whether they are treated similarly to mining rewards, interest, or other tax treatment
b. Tax treatment of the initial collateral “investment”

2) Liability of masternode owners for the transactions they facilitate
a. Whether masternode owners may be responsible for criminal activities connected with transactions they facilitate
b. If so, under what circumstances
c. Whether participation in “mixing” services might give rise to criminal liability
d. If so, under what circumstances

3) Liability of exchanges that support Dash transactions and guidelines on meeting existing compliance
a. Whether an exchange might be held liable for criminal activity
associated with PrivateSend transactions and under what circumstances

Marketing Proposals Oct 2016

PR Fall Campaign (Oct)
Owner: babygiraffe – 527 DASH  (added on 2016-09-21) Votes: 1061 Yes / 272 No / 0 Abstain

We would like to hire Wachsman PR for an initial four month engagement starting September 1st. The cost of the proposal is $6,000 per month and the entire four month contract will cost $24,000.

Marketing, International Outreach, & Promotion (October)
Owner: babygiraffe –  231 DASH  (added on 2016-09-20)  Votes: 1053 Yes / 298 No / 0 Abstain

This marketing budget proposal will provide continued funding for our language translators, funding for translating our wiki and videos, and is supporting marketing sponsorships in Brazil and now China as well. The language translators translate a massive amount of material on a monthly basis, including relevant news articles, videos (voiceover and subtitles), web pages, and local wikis. In addition, these individuals post materials to local chat groups and social media. The four main languages covered are Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Renew DASH: Detailed for 6 Months
Owner: amanda_b_johnson  – 123 DASH per month for 6 months  (added on 2016-09-08) Votes: 881 Yes / 50 No / 0 Abstain

… we’ve commissioned a marketing analysis report from an individual who works in that field (and paid her in Dash). We eagerly await her report.

Specifically, our deliverables on behalf of DASH: Detailed for the next six months, then, are:

1 – We publish new, high-caliber, entertaining, informative material every Wednesday
2 – Amanda continues her availability for media appearances
3 – We acquire strategic marketing guidance & begin implementation of said guidance
4 – The Dash price increases further

Dash to Adoption – 100 Businesses in 100 Days
Owner: sovbtc – 333 DASH per month for 3 months (added on 2016-08-24)
Votes: 1096 Yes / 227 No / 0 Abstain

This projects goal was to get 100 businesses to start accepting Dash in 100 days.  It was basically a failure as only a small number of businesses were signed up.  It did show that this is a major task that needs a lot of support.

Austin, TX Outreach + Sponsor Brave New Books Stage and Decentralized Tech Meetup
Owner: catherinebleish – 100 DASH per month for 3 months (added on 2016-08-27)
Votes: 945 Yes / 188 No / 0 Abstain

This sponsored some meetups in Austin and a banner at a small stage in a bookstore.

New merchants, localizations and business developement for Dash + presentation in Bratislava
Owner: Comodore – 145 DASH (added on 2016-09-28) Votes: 628 Yes / 74 No / 0 Abstain

This funded some business development efforts and a meetup in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Conferences Oct 2016

Blockchain: Money conference in London (6-7 NOV 2016)
Owner: kot – 1160 DASH  (added on 2016-09-21) Votes: 996 Yes / 446 No / 0 Abstain

This proposal seeks funding for Blockchain: Money expenses. Blockchain: Money is a conference dedicated for financial industry companies interested in blockchain technologies. The conference takes place on 6th and 7th of November 2016 in London.

This was the 2nd most expensive project for the month at almost $14K.  It provided for expenses for 2 Dash staff and a “premiere exhibitor package.”


Just one year ago the Dash treasury system was much smaller but was able to fund a broad range of projects including developer salaries, translation services, PR, marketing and legal services.

The fact that the Dash treasury was only one year old at the time and able to self fund so many projects seems to be responsible for much of the growth in the community and the market value of Dash.