PumaPay, a cryptocurrency payments merchant solution and mobile wallet app also claiming to be the first company to offer a blockchain-based recurring payment system, announced today that it has integrated Dash into the platform. Notably, this opens up Dash to PumaPay’s clients in the adult entertainment industry, including giant Pornhub.

Dash integration into the platform was announced this week. According to PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror, Dash was a natural fit for integration:

“These are very exciting times for PumaPay. Dash works with a number of providers to offer a range of options to businesses wanting to incorporate cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. PumaPay is a natural fit for Dash and can provide its business customers with a comprehensive payment solution which is built around the needs and requirements of businesses, enabling them to process transactions using familiar billing methodologies. Our technology combines the flexibility of credit cards with the advantages of blockchain technology; taking the best of both worlds and overcoming the limitations and hurdles of credit cards.”

Dash Embassy D-A-CH CEO Jan Heinrich Meyer, who helped to facilitate this integration, believes that PumaPay’s recurring payments feature in particular will solve many key issues for Dash:

“PumaPay is an attractive partner for Dash because of its ability to support recurring payments and merchants who follow a subscription model. This is a feature that hasn’t been available to Dash users before. We are exploring new ways to expand our partnership and what we can do together. I look forward to seeing how we can help each other.”

PumaPay reportedly sees adding Dash support as going beyond an integration, and will seek an ongoing collaborative partnership.

An entry point to the adult entertainment industry for Dash

Most notably, this integration brings Dash into a key market, the adult entertainment industry, which reports high chargeback levels for card payments. In a recent interview, Yoav Dror stated that PumaPay enjoys wide support as a payments solution within the adult entertainment industry:

“We have 36 giants of the adult entertainment industry, including Pornhub, Gamma Entertainment and Live Jasmine, committed to adopt PumaPay’s unique PullPayment protocol. The move will expand their competitive offering and facilitate their access to the billions of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Our payment solution adds real value to companies in the adult industry which had become accustomed to high fees and chargebacks by delivering a cost-effective payment alternative while retaining familiar billing methods such as recurring payments and trial periods.”

PumaPay’s aim to disrupt the whole payments landscape has included developing a suite of products including their own cryptocurrency, mobile wallet app, a payment gateway for merchants, and a marketing hub for merchants and consumers. The company has secured strategic partnerships with leading companies including Wix.com, FashionTV, Ubex, and Pornhub.

Sought-after features including advanced billing and a Chrome extension

Beyond a simple wallet and payment app service adult platforms such as Pornhub, PumaPay includes several features which close important gaps in the cryptocurrency experience as a payments method. Most notable of these is advanced billing, including subscription to recurring payments, set-up for automatic account top-up, pay-per-use and pay-per-time.

PumaPay claims this is the first fully decentralized subscription payments solution for cryptocurrencies, offering the flexibility and ease of use of credit cards but with the advantages of blockchain as well. This is reportedly made possible by PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol, which inverses the mechanics of the transaction and allows merchants to “pull” funds from customers wallets based on pre-approved terms. This allows the creation of billing mechanisms that are common in modern payment systems, but were not possible on blockchain-based systems previously. These include recurring payments, top-up, direct debit and others, offering the flexibility to allow merchants to define their billing models to fit their business.

This solution may open up many new opportunities for cryptocurrency as an increasing number of online business services embrace a subscription-based payment model. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and YouTube can greatly increase accessibility for users by offering an additional cryptocurrency subscription payment method. Such solutions and services may prove to accelerate cryptocurrency towards mass adoption.

PumaPay also includes iOS and Android wallets allowing the user to store, send, receive, and exchange Dash, PMA, BTC, LTC, ETH, and all ERC20 tokens, as well as manage subscription payments. Finally, the PumaPay wallet can be accessed through a Chrome extension, allowing users to pay directly from their browser using the same private key.

Dash’s game plan to achieve real-world utility and adoption

While speculation may still dominate cryptocurrency market valuations, Dash remains focused on real-world utility and mass adoption as a decentralized borderless payments solution and digital cash. It aims to achieve this by solving payment pain points that exist due to limitations in legacy solutions. The Dash Core Group Business Development team in September last year created and published a development growth strategy, identifying use-cases and problem areas in industries by evaluating market conditions and business opportunities where Dash offers real utility and compelling value proposition by delivering distinct advantages. Among these are high-chargeback industries such as the adult entertainment industry, with PumaPay serving as a large step forward towards this goal by adding support to key clients in this industry such as Pornhub.

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