As the “Dash Force News Treasury Review Writer and Head DFN Researcher” I feel obligated to provide both the good and “less good” about the proposals I review. In the “Dash Nation” spirit I always try to do it in a respectful manner.  

I can never “really” know what is going on with a team / project or why something is not finished but I can document when things go past the original (or updated) timelines. So if you are the owner of one of these projects know that I am not picking on you.  


DashPay POSThe proposal was paid out on Feb 3, 2017 and my original DFN article was on May 24th (my first DFN article!)

Kodaxx the proposal owner is a regular on slack and has provided frequent updates about the problems they are having getting the interface with the POS and wallets working the way they want.  His last “official update” on the thread is from June 21st.

“Dash’s available wallets are not yet fully bip32 compliant. What we need technically is not yet available in current wallet software, though they are maturing quite fast. The things we need include “full wallet sharing”, a decent “look-ahead” (number of future address index’s to watch) and easy user access to xPub key for address generation.

Without these things, the experience from the wallet side of things can be very frustrating to manage multiple terminals and access funds. What we do not want is for merchants to experience frustration with this system and dismiss Dash as “too hard” or “confusing”. So we will hold off the release until the experience we want to produce is ready for use.”


ATM Proposals DFN article published June 8th

ATM in South Jersey the proposal was paid out on April 4th 2017 the last update to the proposal was on June 26th.

UPDATE 5/26 DASH BATMTwo Delivered Bugs found in QR code scan
UPDATE 6/6 General Bytes Resolved QR code scan bug with v 20170609
UPDATE 6/8 Building production servers on vsp  
UPDATE 6/10 Continued testing all aspects of DASH with BATMTWO
UPDATE 6/14 Discovered three bugs and reported to GB under BPUB-239, 240, 241
UPDATE 6/24 Verified new firmware is accepting new CAD notes
UPDATE 6/26 Configured the Demo Kiosk

ATM France the proposal was paid out on April 4th 2017 – last update was July 19th

So doing what’s best for us and for Dash, we’re focusing on placing our first two machines in the Netherlands. We are still trying to go through Unibail Rodamco since they have plenty of shopping centers there, but the liaison is in Paris so there’s a good chance they will have the same opinion. In order for us to have the best chance possible come January, we need to have ATMs established and running. So we will be focusing our efforts on finding premium locations in the Amsterdam area. This was discussed with the Masternode holders during the proposal process, if Lyon and Paris didn’t work out, we would move to Amsterdam next. Lyon and Paris will still happen, but having a Dash ATM in Amsterdam will be better for us and Dash. We can work on conquering France shortly after!

Ripple DFN article published August 5th

Ripple GateHub proposal was paid out June 4th – last update was August 31st.

                  dashdisciple said: The end of August has come. Going live today?
Yes we are ready to go live. DASH integration is complete and tested and we will release it in the following week, now there is just the PR work left to do.

Ripple open source gateway was also paid out on June 4th – last update was August 30th.

Due to an unfortunate course of events (mostly personal, I’ve communicated them with @tungfa ), this project is got severely delayed.
I will definitely deliver it before the end of the year
Until the delivery, funds didn’t, aren’t, and wouldn’t move as anyone can check on
Feel free to ask questions.

Wall of coins built into Dash wallets DFN article was published on August 7th.

Buy-Sell Dash Directly within the WALLET proposal was funded on June 5th.

The latest update was the interview published in my article.



I have previously reviewed all of the above proposals and have been in direct contact with the proposal owners when I wrote the previous articles so feel like I have some investment in their success.

The masternode network has put a lot of trust into the people that have proposals approved.  I am letting the Dash community know that there are good things on the way.