Cryptobuyer has partnered with Venezuelan pharmacy and solidarity icon Farmarato, enabling Dash payments for medical supplies in Venezuela.

In a post released today, Latin American exchange and merchant solution provider Cryptobuyer announced a partnership with Farmarato, a prominent pharmacy in Venezuela, allowing customers to spend cryptocurrencies, including Dash, for medicine and other supplies at the pharmacy. Notable is Farmarato’s delivery service, which allows purchases to be transported to customers’ homes directly.

Farmarato as a national symbol of Venezuelan perseverance through difficult times

In addition to expanding the usage of Dash in Venezuela, the Farmarato integration also holds a special cultural significance. According to Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farias, the partnership is very important for Venezuelans due to its history and significance during the difficult times the country has experienced recently:

“Farmarato is more than a pharmacy. It has become a symbol of the constancy and solidarity of Venezuelans, connecting people with real medication needs through the use of social networks with other people and institutions interested in helping. Now, with Cryptobuyer Pay, help will have a new mechanism to facilitate their international payments and transfer operations with the speed, economy, and security of tools like Dash.”

Farmarato rose to acclaim through use of its social media accounts, which a pharmacist has famously used to outline shortages and make calls for critically-needed medical supplies, in many cases saving customers in life-or-death situations by leveraging the global community’s help through social media. This has led to Farmarato becoming a symbol of Venezuelan solidarity through its present difficult economic crisis.

Dash’s continued growth as a payment method in the region

Dash has shown impressive growth in Venezuela and the Latin America region in addition to the Farmarato integration. Just this week, Dash was integrated as a payment option into Farmarket, another Venezuelan pharmacy chain with 22 locations nationwide, solidifying the remittance use case of using Dash to pay for medicine and other similar supplies in a country which has seen acute need. Farias sees the unique features of strong security and instant transactions as a key element of its adoption growth in the region:

“Dash continues to show real adoption in the region. Features such as InstantSend and ChainLocks are technical advances that are not common to see in other currencies, but the most important thing it represents is that they are innovations focused on the user experience, and this is its key to mass adoption.”

Outside of the pharmacy world, Dash has made inroads in Venezuela in other domains as well. A car park at a shopping mall in Mérida has leveraged Dash to facilitate parking payments, which can take upwards of an hour due to inefficient payment processors in the country. Recently, over 1,000 payments have been made in Dash at this parking garage alone, with plans from local teams to expand to other nearby malls.