Payza online e-wallet and payment processor has integrated Dash, bringing it to 100,000 online merchants and offering a special promotional Dash discount.

Currently servicing 190 countries and 16 million members, Payza is an online payment processor and exchange that supports 26 currencies worldwide. Payza recently announced that it had integrated full Dash support, the first cryptocurrency added after Bitcoin, allowing Dash to be easily exchanged for dozens of currencies and used at 100,000 online merchants using the Payza platform. According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, choosing Dash as only the second cryptocurrency to integrate speaks volumes:

“Payza is an exciting partnership for Dash because our respective missions are so well aligned. Payza is supporting underbanked populations in nearly 200 countries, and the Dash network’s low cost instant transactions are ideal attributes for meeting these customers’ needs. Payza is also well regarded in the industry with literally millions of users and they’ve thus far refrained from integrating other coins across their platform. We are truly humbled to be selected as the first digital currency to integrate beyond Bitcoin, and we look forward to supporting Payza’s growth going forward.”

Included in this integration is a promotional discount for buying Dash on the platform. For a limited time, users who exchange a fiat currency or Bitcoin for up to 1 Dash will receive 10% extra, and users buying more will receive an extra 5% extra on top of that, for a potential 15% more Dash received than the customer originally bought.

Dash’s low fees, fast transactions, and usability roadmap continue to stand out

Dash was selected for integration by Payza because of its usefulness as a payment system, with the lowest fees, fastest transactions, and strongest commitment to ease of use among the top cryptocurrencies. Additionally, according to Payza CEO Firoz Patel, Dash has a strong community, particularly in developing countries most in need of a better money:

“There are several reasons that we chose Dash to be the second cryptocurrency integrated into our platform, after Bitcoin. Dash boasts low network fees and fast transactions, two features that users look for in a cryptocurrency. Dash also has a vibrant and active community, especially in the developing world, which appeals to us as a company that also focuses on empowering underbanked populations. Finally, Dash is user-friendly and has a roadmap in place to further improve usability.”

Dash has a particularly strong presence in Venezuela and western Africa because of the lack of sound money and strong payment solutions in those areas. Payza’s focus on serving underbanked fits right in to Dash’s progress in those regions.

Dash’s strategic BlockCypher partnership continues to pay off

The Payza integration was made possible by longtime Dash web services partner BlockCypher. According to Payza CTO Ali Nizameddine, BlockCypher makes integrating a variety of cryptocurrencies into web platforms easy:

“BlockCypher has a fantastic enterprise level solution for integrating Altcoins. With BlockCypher’s support, Payza looks forward to launching several exciting cryptocurrency products this year.”

Karen Hsu, Head of Growth at BlockCypher, sees great potential in leveraging Payza’s services for international payments:

“We are excited to see Payza integrate Dash so quickly using our web services and infrastructure. Payza leads the digital payments market in providing customers with the choice to use Dash and digital currencies, which have become the fastest and most economical way of making cross-border payments for people around the world.”

Last year, BlockCypher announced a strategic partnership with Dash, as well as a joint grant program for integrating cryptocurrencies into businesses. The partnership has enabled all manner of interesting collaborations, including use by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to test out Dash use on smart meters to save electricity.