Payza has announced its integration of 50 additional cryptocurrencies into its platform, including Dash.

According to the announcement, the global payment processor and service will be adding to its existing functionality of supporting Bitcoin, by adding support for dozens of the top cryptocurrencies. This will allow holders of most digital currencies to easily exchange them for their local fiat currencies, as well as load them on to supported cards. In the future, Payza plans to to make this exchange go both ways, allowing customers to buy other cryptocurrencies as well.

Dash catching up with the “Bitcoin treatment”

This new integration is part of Dash rapidly catching up to Bitcoin heavy adoption lead. Previously, Payza allowed users to buy and sell Bitcoin easily. Then, earlier this year functionality was expanded for Bitcoin, allowing customers to hold Bitcoin in their Payza wallet, as well as send and receive Bitcoin from within the platform, and fund their Payza prepaid card. Now, this puts other coins like Dash at the same level, allowing them to be easily used in a similar fashion on the platform.

This move by Payza comes as Bitcoin’s dominance over the cryptoverse continues to slip. Back in March of this year, Bitcoin was nearly 85% percent of cryptocurrency’s market cap. Now, it only claims about 40%, with an all-time low of 37%. Companies seeking to stay with the times are integrating other tokens into their business models.

The integration will be useful for the upcoming Dash debit card

Adding Dash to the Payza platform will open up many new Dash-to-fiat possibilities. In particular, early Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem was recently funded by the masternode network to create a new Dash-branded debit card, which will allow customers around the world to seamlessly spend Dash everywhere. The card is slated to use Payza as a processor, so this integration acts as a first step towards a US-available Dash debit card.

According to Shrem, an announcement on the card is due next week.