Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Research Group said in an interview with Glenn Beck that he expects Dash to 10X “over the next year and change” to “about twenty-six hundred bucks”.

In the video, Teeka Tiwari outlined his reasons behind his Dash price prediction of $2,600 USD; InstantSend, PrivateSend, and the real-world use case of unbanked marijuana stores in the United States.

“Dash has fixed a lot of problems that have plagued other networks. For instance, you talked about this, if you go into a store and try to use your Bitcoin to buy something, you got to wait ten minutes. With Dash, they have something called InstantSend, so you can immediately buy something and it gets approved by the network, right away, and no one else has that. So having that instantaneous ability to buy something makes Dash incredibly useful.”

Tiwari went on to discuss the “huge problem in the United States of unbanked, legal, marijuana grows” that make up $55 billion USD a year in cash “because they can’t put it in the bank.” He mentioned how “Dash is attacking that market” and there are “growers that are using Dash in their point-of-sales equipment”. He also emphasized that since “Dash saves them so much money, they can offer them discounts on their purchases and still come out ahead.” Tiwari also discussed Dash’s PrivateSend feature, which “is very important for some people” and only cost a little bit more.

Palm Beach Research Group is bullish on Dash

This is not the first time that Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG) has come out with bullish arguments in favor of Dash. Last November, PBRG announced a buy-up-to price of $600 USD for Dash. Their announcement had a significant effect on the market, causing the exchange price to increase nearly 15% over a period of only 30 minutes. In that announcement, they also focused on InstantSend and how Dash focuses on everyday commerce to achieve wide-spread adoption. They also compared Dash to the early days of PayPal since “Dash is following PayPal’s playbook to a ‘T'” because of Dash’s focus on ease of use for everyday common purchases.

In this video, Tiwari mentioned InstantSend again, which allows consumers to get transaction confirmations within seconds. This allows consumers and merchants to have quick transactions without merchants having to fear potential double-spends. In addition, Dash typical confirms regular transactions within minutes, having an average block time of only 2.5 minutes, which is much faster than the typical 10 minutes for other cryptocurrencies. The transaction fees for these features on the Dash network is incredible cheap since they only cost pennies. Plus, recent research and stress tests have shown that Dash can easily handle much more transactions, more than the max transaction volume on Bitcoin’s network, and still maintain these incredible low transaction costs.

Tiwari also highlighted how Dash is leveraging the “unbanked, legal, marijuana” market in the United States since many states have legalized marijuana use, but it is still illegal at the federal level, which is where most banks are chartered and thus must comply with rules. Thus, marijuana businesses have to operate in all cash since most banks will not associate with marijuana companies. Dash has partnered with Alt Thirty Six in an effort to achieve high market penetration of this sector by being integrated into Alt Thirty Six’s POS system. Palm Beach Research Group previously said “[t]he cryptocurrency that we believe the marijuana industry will turn to is known as a “commerce” coin”, in reference to Dash since it is focusing on everyday usability. The marijuana sector is in desperate need of a solution, which Alt Thirty Six and Dash stand to resolve, creating that first “killer app” of cryptocurrencies similar to what PayPal created by being the first secure online payments system for online auctions.

Dash achieves adoption through its focus on consumer usability

Cryptocurrency exchange prices are a popular discussion, but the exchange price is typical derived from a combination of it current use and its predicted future use. Dash excels among its peers when it comes to actual consumer use since it not only enables everyday transactions with its incredibly low transaction fees, fast confirmation speeds, and security, but also enables wide-spread merchant adoption. The Dash DAO treasury enables Dash to professionally pay developers to consistently improve and maintain the network so Dash is incredibly easy to use by consumers and merchants. Then the treasury can also fund community outreach specialists to take those improvements and use it in their pitches to merchants as reasons to adopt Dash as a payment method. This creates a virtuous circle of increasing consumers and merchants that want to use Dash in their everyday life.

This focus on end consumers, whether merchants or customers, allows Dash to steadily and rapidly increase its userbase. This, in turn, is what motivates investors to invest in Dash since they can visualize its current and future adoption, and thus, future exchange price increases. As an example, Neptune Dash, the publicly traded company that offers fractional Dash Masternode ownership, recently told Dash Force News that Fidelity, the large investment firm, owns a 15% share of Neptune Dash. These investors further contribute to the network by creating more confidence in Dash by signaling to users that professionals have done due diligence into the sustainability of Dash. It once again becomes a virtuous circle of confidence in the network, verified by multiple parties showing interest in and using Dash because of Dash’s unique structure that prioritizes end consumers.